To return – only to escape (Prose)


the door prizes open, no knock or key required

no permission needed to go inside

sweet goodness

chocolate the significant

in her children’s world

memories of her childhood

a mother’s offering

frozen mornings, bleary eyed as they rise

as she sits,  the porcelain cup of her sweet

goodness held gently in her hands

unnoticed pool of tears

they the most important, yet she daydreams

the Mock Turtle on her wooden kitchen chair

presents not forthcoming the day the last door opens

she struggles

perhaps the rabbit hole, escape

her door to fantasy

gifts under sweet smelling pine

as it use to be

©jmtacken Dec 2013

I have decided to encompass both suggestions – and I hope it works. Advent Calendar leads the way….

For dVerse The Callenge from Claudia       so… it’s your choice… you can either write a pre-christmas Advent poem… preparation… tradition…decoration… share your Advent story with us or even give the christmas decoration a voice

or… write an Alice in Wonderland poem… about her, one of the characters or in the style of it.. off-beat conversations.. poems which tell a wondrous story… let’s fly a bit… smiles


30 thoughts on “To return – only to escape (Prose)

  1. I like the way you combined the two prompts. Sometimes it might be good to be able to escape down the rabbit hole if one could to experience that sweet smell of pine again……as it used to be.

  2. Very nice response to the prompt ~ Don’t we all have this rabbit hole to escape to when the reality doesn’t smell as nice as the pine as it used to ~ Happy Sunday ~

    • That they do J, some linger, some disappear. I think we all go back to a sad place at some stage during the day ~ I think of those no longer with us, my brother, my MIL, but we raise a glass and toast to them in their absence. Thank you for visiting and commenting ~ smiles

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