A whole lot about nothing at all really, just a bit of nuttery.

There comes a time, inner voice squawked, when she may just want to post something different.

Oh, really, do tell Self replied, what else is she capable of? It’s either poetry (and at times that’s debatable if it actually is) her penguins (which I believe are the parents) her work (zzzzzz) her kids (zzzzzz)  kids stories or some gibberish. Are you trying to tell me that she can actually come up with something different that will make people say Yay Mumsy/Rambly/Rambles…what ever they are calling her this week ~ ooer that’s a nice change?

Well inner voice said rather sheepishly, she does have a sense of humour, perhaps she could try and do something with it? She’s a bit of a worrier Self – if anyone knows that it should be you. I think she can bring it on.

Sense of humour, this should be good.  What the hell would she say that would have em rolling on the floor with laughter and keep their attention span for longer than 30 seconds?

Inner voice started to squirm,  I am sure she can, she just needs a little prompting, she’s a bit bored you know, waiting at home day after day, waiting for a phone call, so it could be tricky to bring it out in the open.

Well, if you can get it to happen kudos to you my friend, otherwise you have wasted not only my time but the poor buggers that are reading this already.

I wish you weren’t such a negative Self. Not everything that she does is serious or dark. Life has its funny moments and she can make people laugh, but I think she finds it tricky when just writing words and not face to face. She’s good at the face to face funny.

May I remind you this isn’t face to face, it’s her words, typed on her keyboard whilst she stares at her MAC which she gets angry at by the way, you know I saw her hit MAC monitor once, when he put that coloured spinning wheel up and she couldn’t do anything but wait. I can tell you we talked about it afterwards, he was not a happy  bunny. She’s not into waiting, not much patience at times.

Can you hear that music she’s playing through MAC now? Don’t think he’d be happy with it at all, kinda depressing isn’t it and she flicks from one song to another, it’s a wonder MAC can keep upright.

No, actually I quite like it, has a nice beat, anyway, you’re sidetracking my train of thought here. Wait!

What now?

A funny thing happened today though, she wrote a comment on a post to a Scottish lady she follows http://scottishmomus.wordpress.com and they were talking about tunes and she said she had an earworm of The Little Drummer Boy in head, and the Scottish lady replied….. Self stop screwing up your face it was funny.

Okay I’ll bite what was so funny about it?

Well, how on earth do you expect me to remember from this afternoon, hang on I’ll look into her post comments and find it.

For gawds sake I  can see where she gets her lack of patience from. Here it is look>>>>And now that tune is stuck in my head, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum. It’ s gonna stay right there, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum. That was unfair, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum, ru-pa-pa-pum…………… It better be gone in the morn, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum. I’ll get you back for this, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum. Just you wait and see, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum, ru-pa-pa-pum…….

Oh, bloody hell, this is an awful tune, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum. If this is what’s in you, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum, You must be going lulu, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum, ru-pa-pa-pum…….
My brain is fit to burst, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum, this is the worst, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum. I’m gonna be so pissed, pa-ru-pa-pa-pum, ru-pa-pa-pum………
Why, Jenny, why? x

See Self, admit it you smiled didn’t you? I saw it I saw a smile, so does that mean she is smiling too?

But THAT was Scottish lady being funny – not her!

You’re such a grumpy bugger Self.

Come on smile and she may too and that may kick start her funny stuff. There is something good out of our conversation you know?

Really , pray tell what is that?

We got to the end.

34 thoughts on “A whole lot about nothing at all really, just a bit of nuttery.

  1. How lovely to see you write something different and well done. Dialogue can be such fun to write Jenny, its like inhabiting two minds at once. Lots of fun. I enjoyed this very much.

  2. You doubt your sense of humour? Or one of you does? That can’t be right. You’ve had me buckled a fair few times. 🙂 I liked this. I talk to myself a lot too.
    I was giving myself a row and swearing at myself the other day as I packed the dish washer. I didn’t know hubby was standing behind me listening to me give myself a talking to. What’s worse is he didn’t even bat an eyelid. Just slightly worrying when walking round the supermarket and those looking at you are not related and don’t understand. 😉
    Putting it all down on paper is probably a healthier and less embarrassing route to go.

    Are you still singing I will survive? 🙂 x

    • roflmao – you make me laugh. I have images of you walking around the Supermarket now… Yes I have a little chat or inner does with self out loud at times and Mr. S just grins.
      You will be pleased to know …I wasn’t….. till
      😉 xx
      pa ru pa pa pummmmmm

      • Definitely not adding to that form of misery. Though to be fair, today’s panto was 100% better than the last one. Still not a fan. But bearable today.
        Apart from the bus journey there where I had to sit beside one of my ‘crazy’ kids. Within 2 minutes of being on the bus he had managed to cover his left hand in someone else’s chewing gum that had obviously been stuck somewhere. I had to try cleaning him off while he kept asking me to smell it ‘cos it smelled nice! I was boaking! Somebody else’s spearmint gum getting thrust in my face for a sniff. Weans! Honest to god. If it’s not the panto that drives you crackers it’s the bus ride. :)x

      • Oh ya poor luvey-doo. Chewing gum ech – see you should put this as a post! What a funny story!I love the word weans, my scottish G/F over here says it and I smile each time. Glad the panto was better this time around 🙂 We really must email as I feel we could blabber on all day! 😉 xx

  3. its good to shake things up and be a bit different…i will curse you for getting the little drummer boy stuck in my head…esp if it keeps me awake here in just a bit when i lay down, just saying…heh….thanks for the chuckle…

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