My day for those who are bored

Last night I did not write  (I know how very dare I) but there was a reason, for yesterday early evening, I lifted the dog we are minding – a dashund that’s a tad heavy without bending at the knees please! The result… spasms in my mid back up to my shoulder blades.

Today was horse riding day with a girlfriend, so last night I was lying down & stretching to get said back right and bed by 9.

Woke up this morning and felt a slight twinge, but no pain, so it was onward & upward. Now in Australia we are in Summer, someone did NOT tell the weather gods that though.

We arrived at the ‘ranch’ and it started drizzling – decked ourselves out in helmets (extremely attractive) and drizabones (what are they you ask?)

These are them DBRCLH.BRN

oil skin ankle length coats, that are rainproof and warm! (Think Man from Snowy River) We looked a treat.

On we went, rained continuing but not too heavy, the path slushy and muddy and puddles, beneath their feet, well trained and accustomed to the track, single file, head to bum all the way. We had the occasional trot, which my back coped with and first stop a Winery — YAY! Now I use to ride quite a bit in my younger years, the last time was 2 years ago. Because I was trying to be careful of my back when I dismounted, I didn’t judge the distance to the ground right, and yep straight out of the cowboy movies, yours truly landed fair square on her coccyx! Looking up at the tree tops in embarrassment!

More ginger stretches before going into the winery to sample 11 different wines from the region (we are talking 2 teaspoons full per glass here people) but it was enough to dull the pain. Then the heavens opened heavier and we were given the option of staying in and have lunch there or move on to the next winery. What MORE wine! I’m in! Off we went, the occasional trot (when I was just wanting to break out into a gallop) but we were advised too slippery underfoot. 😦

More tasting, then back to the stables. 3 hours in total, 22 tastings in total, 1 sore bottom.
The sun did peek for 4 minutes – thankfully!!

Normally this little adventure for two people is $320.00 – this cost $100 (on special) but I would have so liked to gallop or at least get a canter in – so that and landing on my backside the 2 disappointments of the day. Home now to relax 🙂

and me being shoved out the way by my horse Dusty- helmet hair and all 🙂

33 thoughts on “My day for those who are bored

  1. Lovely photo you and horse both look happy. Shame about the dismount l hope you have not injured yourself. We love those coats over here and we call them stockman coats. Xxxxxx

  2. Ouch! Sounds like you had fun though. I’m sure the wine helped a bit?
    Send me some rain please! I’ll gladly give you some heat. Wait, hang on….more rain means more muggy hot days. No, keep the rain.

  3. I hope you back is better Jenny I recently did a very similar thing. I was exercising and I swung a heavy sandbag in poor form and threw out my back. I had several pinched nerves and it caused leg spasms so intense I actually pulled muscles in my thighs. I couldn’t stand up strait for about a week so I know how bad it hurts and really sympathize (hugs)

  4. If you consider this shot of you and nice Mr. Horse a bit bedraggled, I wonder what bedraggled REALLY means. 😀
    I haven’t sat a horse in 40+ years. Did enjoy then but never went out in drizzle. At least your day wasn’t a total loss. Yay. Wine for the brave and thirsty.

    • oh I am bedraggled lovely, horse hair all over me, dust, wet, helmet hair…the works! Yes the wine made it a little more comfortable after the fall – numbed a tad. I want to do more, but have to recoup from this one first! 🙂 Thanks Tess. x

    • yes though they hate the rain if it’s heavy – they turn around so their rear ends face it – so at times a struggle to keep them going forward! Aww how nice are you..hmm very – thank you Beth 🙂 xx

  5. ha. well beyond the back and butt pains it sounds like a wonderful day…smiles…22 wineries…oh my…i might not have been able to ride a horse after that…lol…i used to have one of those coats…a very long time ago…

    • noooo not 22 wineries – 22 samples of wine! 🙂 hell I wouldn’t be able to get back on to ride if it was wineries ~ smiles ~ those coats are awesome and you being a cool dude would wear it well my friend ~ chuckle

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