Raise a glass (To Dverse)


with a glass raised, DVerse I say goodbye
a wave to friends, from the year gone by
but we’ll meet again, converse, critique
share the poetry and stories of those
across the world ~ people that I’ve never
met, yes I shall greet you with a smile

I want to give my thanks, perhaps not in
poetry form, for encouragement and guidance
for kindness and support, for I am a fledging
thrown from the nest, of writing
non-fiction, not that adept with verse
SO I’m learning still, bare with me and my
lack of metaphors, for my wings still
flap against the wind as my poetry starts
to soar

I write for the love of it, as you all do I’m sure
my vocabulary perhaps at times lacking
though my style is still my own
~ AND do I wish to change the way I write
yes I must admit at times I do
my emotions and my feelings will not change
that part of me, I shall not lose

to those who have popped in to read me
I thank you from my heart
this fledging bird, with trainer wings
my poetry’s not art
but rather simply ~ simple words
that I draw from deep inside
like writers who I’ve met this year
their feelings they don’t hide

so be safe this holiday season
take a break and draw a breath
and I shall be here waiting
rested, pen at the ready
for you to challenge me

©jmtacken Dec 2013

(My 700th Post)

For OLN and the last one for the year over at The Pub http://dversepoets.com

31 thoughts on “Raise a glass (To Dverse)

  1. Great poem Jenny and a lovely refection on yourself. Well done. As writers we grow from putting pen to paper, and with modern technology that expression will soon become a metaphor in its own right.

  2. “my poetry’s not art
    but rather simply ~ simple words
    that I draw from deep inside” – this is not how others see it, because it is a work of art. I love reading your work, and even more knowing you as a person. Take care! 🙂

    • Thank you Oloriel – your writing is beautiful and it has been fun getting to know you a little more this last years also ~ appreciated. 🙂

    • I guess I am ~ I just know my limitations as a writer in poetry form, I truly do ~ but I so look forward to enhancing and challenging the skill set I have. Thank you Anmol 🙂

  3. smiles. you are a shining spot for me this year….and dont discount your verse too much, just saying…some of my favorite poems are from when i first started writing because they are simple, without tricks and honest…i will be around, so keep writing…smiles.

    • Large smile from someone whose work I do admire greatly. Thank you for the lovely compliment, I shall keep writing ~ always as I couldn’t stop now ~ poetry is like being on a rolling ball ~ you reach the top ~ you go under ~ you reach the top again ~ each time learning how to hold on and master your ‘balance’ (oh dear was that a metaphor?) 😉 Thank you Brian for being there ~ smiles

  4. It was nice to have met you this year, Jenny. And i find your style of writing refreshing….so don’t work on changing it too much. From the heart works for me. Smiles. And, dVerse is not QUITE on holiday yet. I am hosting Poetics on Saturday, so I hope you will stop by.

    • Thank you Mary and I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know you also. You are a lovely, kind and considerate person and I love what you write. I shall look forward to the weekend and I shall definitely stop by! 🙂 x

  5. From my home to yours, all the best for the holiday season ~ You write from the heart so that is all that matters ~

    Hope to see you soon ~ Cheers 🙂

    (aka Heaven)

    • Grace – you write with soft and precious words and I admire your talent and skills. Thank you for your kindness and I shall still be here (as I could not keep away) Thank you for your kind words and a beautiful holiday Season to you and yours also ~ 🙂 x

    • Hello BR – thank you so much, it will be interesting to see how I develop only seriously starting to write poetry from July last year. I admire your skill and hope that without changing myself too much, will be able to produce a higher quality of work- thanks BR for your support. 🙂

  6. Each time we take up our pen, we learn something new. I enjoy reading your poetry. You should be proud. Does this mean you are taking a sabbatical for the holidays?

    If so, wishing you and your the best of the holiday season. 😛

    • Hello Tess, no I shall still be here – DVerse after this weekend are taking a little and much needed break though. Thank you for enjoying what I write ~ the beautiful comments forges me on to continue. Appreciated 🙂 xx (and I shall wish you Seasons Greetings down the road a bit) 😉

    • aww how sweet are you – thank you so much Yves – I shall continue – come rain or come shine ~ to better myself each day and reading and learning from writers such as yourself is the encouragement that will get me through. x

    • *clink* Prost ~ totally agree ~ if feeling is not there ~ the words mean nothing ~ thank you Claudia for your support in DVerse…smiles

    • So sweet to say Vick – thank you so very much and I also look forward to broadening my work with words in the New Year – wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and happy 2014. ~ smiles

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