The Land Down Under (Prose for DVerse)

the simple things mate (friend)

a girl or bloke (man) the name

the everyday conversations

I’m tippin’ (guessing) there not the same

so if you permit me, I shall try to now explain

“So how’z it goin’ “? ~ is a phrase us Aussies often use

nothing to do with transport just the question “How-  are- you”?

without pomp & circumstance an easy language ‘cross our land

“Fair Dinkum mate” ?~ well that’s  you gotta’ be kidding me?

yep, we like to abbreviate, but it’s an easy way to speak

we chop the letters off our words, and some may find this stupid

or even quite absurd!

but it’s juz our lingo don’ ya’ know?

we don’t speak like this all the time

imagine if I conducted a Service in true blue Aussie rhyme!

“Full as a Goog” ~ forget about eggs

it simply means you’ve stuffed yourself

with too much grog (alcohol) & food

“Every man and his dog” ~ simply means a crowd

our terminology~  so diversified, so raw

us the little Aussie battlers, yes I know you ask for more (smiles)

“She’ll be apples” (fine) another term we say

to tell a mate ~ yeah all is well, no need for stress or worry

& “Stone the flamin’ crows”~ well we’re aghast

at what we’ve seen or heard

you’ve heard “Chuck a prawn on the Barbie”

blimey mate it’s not a persons name but just a coupla’ words (smiles)

so yep we come from convicts (well most us it seems)

and some may think we’re too ‘Ocker’ (uneducated Aussie)

but WE live the Aussie dream

ech ~ for all the curiosities, with our wondrous Aussie slang

we’re down to earth and hospitable, in our Down Under Land

our language sprawls, has its own twinge

and “It’s a beaut (good) – could describe a house a BBQ or Ute (tray truck)

the little Aussie battlers not ones ever to complain

what we have is our way of talking, which to some it may sound lame

so if ever you should visit, come on down and look me up

and I’ll teach you the English language with a broad true Aussie smile

and I’ll teach you, so you understand ~ in true blue “Aussie” style

©jmtacken Dec 2013

The below is an Aussie Icon John Williamson – please listen to his song True Blue – now THIS is an Aussie voice through and through.


For Dverse and The Pub – A little bit of fun and fancy – though the rhythm is all over the shop (disjointed) on todays prompt – you can find here


46 thoughts on “The Land Down Under (Prose for DVerse)

    • Thank you Mary, as I said it’s not really poetry – but there wasn’t another of explaining it 🙂 Where you able to listen to the song? Thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoyed!

  1. hahaha…i love it…some cool expressions…and i would love to hear you say them…i will be using apples sometime tomorrow…and def like the stoning the flaming crows…ha…its just coolness

    • geez mate goon on ya’ you could be a real fair dinkum Aussie mate if ya’ come down here – of that I have no worries 😉

      I wanted to do soundcloud – but it doesn’t share with WP anymore 😦 and I don’t know of others, that you don’t have to pay for.

  2. There’s no way Jenny, ya Aussie sheila, that your words will ever suck the grub, nor will they ever sink as low as shark shit. Yar a bonza bird so keep up the writin’ we luvs ya cauz ya a true blue fair dinkum little Aussie battler yaself.

  3. very cool… i learned some of the phrases when i was in sydney on business a few years ago…. So how’z it goin’.. is very close to what we would say in germany… i love that each country has their specific language as well… i also find dialects fascinating…

    • thanks Claudia – yes we have many phrases – too many to mention in fact – but as you say and know each country has a specific language – or their version of English! ~ smiles

  4. Oh, I love this. And the song. I’d love to hear you say them! Do a voice over! Some of them are quite similar and others are wtf! But so rich in diversity and culture. Love it. 🙂 x

    • need to get or learn another way of doing voice overs – and I will read it in me best Aussie lingo slang lol Thanks honey – glad you loved 🙂 x

  5. What fun to listen to the phrases……just the other day I overheard a conversation between 11 year old boys….every other sentence they used the word “Dude” 😉

  6. Wow this was fun and informative – now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…it’s as though you were here talking to us. Well done on giving us the rhythm and words from Australia. I hope to be able to go to Australia and New Zealand in my lifetime. It sounds so cool and so much fun. Thanks for that gift of language from your home to mine.

    • Aw mate, no wuckers, thanks for the prompt it was bonza, glad you liked it love …. smiles thanks Gay – it was fun 🙂

  7. Love this and love the lingo – loadsa Aussie soaps watched and so I understood most of your examples.
    True Blue – excellent!
    Anna :o]

    • Thanks luv, will ‘noice’ a you to say – we can talk ‘proper’ sometimes 😉 Glad you liked the song – it is a True Blue awright ~ smiles

  8. Jen, this is so fun. I used to be in the convent and lived with both Aussies and New Zealander’s and learned a lot of these phrases from them. My favorite story is of an old man who came up to an Aussie nun and told her he wasn’t feeling good. She said, “Maybe you better go to bed today.” Of course he heard “to die!” Poor guy.

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