Update on the Penguins (Not the winged kind)

This afternoon I took mum for the results on the MRI she had on Monday.

Not dementia as we all thought, but rather that she has had two rather large strokes and has had several smaller ones – this is what is affecting her memory.

No one – not her or the family knew about when these may have happened, but as the Specialist said they are at times silent, not affecting any speech, body movement or restrictions.

Tomorrow morning I get two new lots of medication for her in order to keep her at this level (if they work) otherwise she will eventually develop Alzheimer’s.

When I got her back home and explained to Pop what had happened she started crying, so darling Pop shuffled up to her, put his arms around her and said “Come on Kid, we’ll be fine”, kissing her on the forehead – my heart went out to her, she looked like a frightened little girl. My heart went out to Pop too, growing old sucks, you suffer, one way or the other, yes it’s part of life and we will all have to face  the age process and possibly medical issues – but it just sucks.

Now we go back in two months to see how she is and what needs to be done, if anything..

This is an update only for those that are kindly following their journey, no need to post a comment.


44 thoughts on “Update on the Penguins (Not the winged kind)

  1. Very frightening for your parents. Yes, age is cruel. Glad they found out what it was and hopefully the treatment will help. My rock and roll dancing mum told me the other day she will have to have a knee replacement. Kinda came out of the blue and gave me pause to consider what lies ahead.

    • Thanks Trace, yes I got the new medication this morning, she will start tonight – hopefully no bad side affects. Hugs to your mum – yes life changes quicker than we realise.

  2. Awe how sweet and special the moments they still share and you know I agree getting old SUCKS HUGS my friend Sorry your Mom has suffered with no one knowing but am praying the pills give back some of her life.

    • Thanks Kyred, I have to do some more investigating to see if this tablet will prevent more strokes, but hopefully we have caught it in time. xx

  3. Big virtual hug. You know I am right there with you. Dad has suffered at least two TIA’s. He’s on a very restrictive diet. Mom should be using a cane to get around but refuses. She said she only has balance issues when she can’t keep walking at a steady pace. What? I think she probably has to slow down from time to time due to other people around her and you know LIFE. Ugh. When I was home a couple of weeks ago she literally had to lift one of her legs to get in and out of my car. You are right….getting old just sucks and it is difficult to watch. You feel so helpless. 😦

    • Thanks darling – hugs for your mum and dad and also for you ~ the one good things is that we can support one another throughout this. Yes we feel helpless, but as Michael said to me we have to put on the ‘brave’ face in front of them, as they are relying on us, if we falter ..where does that leave them? You take care too and yup sucks big time 😦 xx

    • Thanks Helen, I didn’t expect so many responses – but I have written quite a few posts about them and people ask me how they are going. Appreciate your kindness. x

  4. Of course we will comment, Mumsy! We loves you and the penguins! 🙂

    I’ve been absent from blogging so I’m glad you gave an update! 🙂 You know I had no idea there can be no symptoms of a stroke, good information for lots of people. 🙂 I think aging would suck too. Hugs to all of you and I loves you, Paula xxxxx

  5. Thoughts and prayers, Jen. It’s wonderful your mum and dad still have each other and feel the way they do. I hope these meds work to halt or slow down the process. Big hugs to you and to them. x

    • thank you gorgeous girl, yes it warms my heart to see their love for one another after so many years. I hope too, that they will work for her..she still is in denial she has had these strokes because physically she’s fine… I’ll take all the hugs you can give and so will they – bless ya xxx

      • I think that’s the odd thing about strokes. There can be so many symptoms that are not obviously connected with what we would think a stroke means. The great thing is that so many do recover from the stroke with help and medication. Everything crossed so that your penguins can enjoy their late years together without so much angst over health. It’s too bad that age brings with it so many difficulties. But it’s so great they have you and other family there to help and support them. What family is all about. x

      • If her memory lapses don’t get worse – that is all we can be grateful for. If only we can be born old and die young… my brother is the only other family and my girls and Mr. S. They try and also at keeping me together. I shall soldier on..thank you for your kindness and support Scottie – really appreciate it. xx

  6. breaks my heart a bit to see them looking like a frightened little girl…at least its not dementia but…oy….not easy when we get tot that stage of life…or in having to care for our parents….

    • no Bri – I think that’s what hurts as much seeing your parents cry and feel so useless. I honestly don’t know what is worse all the strokes or having dementia – waiting to see in a few weeks how the medication goes..as long as she remembers to take it! Thanks Brian.

    • Thank you – HOW are you?? You haven’t been around for so long 😦 How are the pups doing- firstly how are you? xxx

  7. Thank you for posting the update. I am so glad it isn’t Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. While strokes certainly aren’t a blessing, at least you know what the issues are. Hugs to the “penguins” and you.

    • Hello Nelson – you are welcome. I feel they are part of my readers journey as much as I am. Yes in one way it is a relief – the medication for Alzheimer’s – hopefully will help what the strokes have caused. Thank you so much – hugs are always good 🙂

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