Who are you? (Prose)


I am me
I am the rain torrents in winter
The summer drops upon the ground
I am the autumn leaves of colour
New blossoms in the spring

I am strong ~ the noise of thunder
I am darkness
I am light
I am impatient
I am strong willed at times

I am caring and forgiving
I do not suffer fools
Or those friendships that aren’t real
I am an artist
I am a mother

I am intuitive
I am open
I love to love
I hate to hate

I love
I cry
I laugh
I empathise
I am a drama queen

I’m a speaker and a listener
Land on my feet ~ most of the time
I am a writer and would be poet
I have an imaginary mind

I am an animal lover
I have an addictive nature
I am a traveller
I am me

the particles, the cells

the good, the bad

the pretty and the ugly

I love that I am living

I am young though I am not

I love holding hands and making love

I can make people laugh or cry

I love watching movies that make me weep

I love watching new born foals take their first new steps

I love to sip red wine and converse with my old friends

I love that I can help those that are in need

I love my daughters with every breath

I love with all my heart, my gorgeous mum and dad

I am who I am

I am plain and simply


So who are you?

Β©jmtacken Dec 2013

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com

46 thoughts on “Who are you? (Prose)

  1. haha…nice….i like how you keep it nice and neat and about halfway though just kinda cut loose….when you did that the pace changed for me and sped up, which comes across as more determined or sure….i like…smiles.

    • πŸ™‚ that is what I need, more critique of my style and structure. I think especially for us beginners, though it is lovely to receive comments about the readers feelings and experiences with what I have written, I need to learn other things – what suits – what flows- what fits- Your comment made me smile wide this morning Brian ~ so thank you so very much! ~ SMILES

  2. Oh Jenny! So much of who I thought you were set eloquently on the page. None of what you say surprises me at all. Your passion shines through in every line. Glad to know someone like you. πŸ™‚ x

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