One,Ein,Un,Uno,Een,Um….First (Prose)

the first time I made love/erm
NO hell ~ not love
Sex~young/disjointed hmmm kisses ~ yes
you will love me afterwards???
~ who was I kidding
behind the shelter sheds/- a teenager
that’s all I’ll say/ I won’t reveal my age

the first time I hitchhiked ? dangerous~
girlfriend and I thumbs up to the sky
travelled far that day
Until a ‘coupla’ lads ~ deviated behind some trees
tried to/Well you know – we were just kids~
we escaped and ran away

the first time I left home?
Yes there was more than one time
I thought that I could make it on my own
bah-boom ~ only to return

the first time I drove a CAr ~ red it was
the colour hot & fast
I drove up to our hills not far from here
and just ~ well sat

the first time I was MArried – no it’s
only been the once ~ it lasted 19 years
gave me my girls~ made me a mum

the first time I gave birth/ ARGH!
you must be KIDDING me ~ give me an epidural
can’t you see the pain I’m in??

the first time I fell really in LOve
many many times-
Ech/ Lust or love hmm scratches
head – CRap too many rhymes

the first time I found my soul mate
yep Mr. S you know him by
my rock~ my everlasting
hmm his kisses in the night

the first time I sold a book/OK
so it’s not the paper kind
~ the SP type electronic
but it simply blew my mind

the first time I started ‘blogging’
I still HAte that word so much
scared of what would be said
now I’m **ADDIC-A-TED**

the first time I conducted a Service
for the bereaved family
/I knew I found my calling
my life mapped out for me

First times that I have had a broken heart – a blade twisting in my gut
First times of shedding tears over loving WAY too much
First times for knowing my life was going to change
First times of seeing my elderly parents – knowing nothing would be the same

Many many 1st times – some good & not this is for MLM’s Prompt simply about Firsts.

27 thoughts on “One,Ein,Un,Uno,Een,Um….First (Prose)

  1. This is a beautiful write, for the bareness that you gave and for the execution of how you made the words flow. It is very touching and heartfelt and relatable, it does take me down my memory lane, but also makes me wonder what will happen in the future.

  2. Your words encompass so many different emotions. We have so many firsts… they all are significant in making us the being we are. Every experience counts.
    Very personal, heart-felt and lovely write. 🙂

    • You are right , what would we be without having these experiences, for better or worse, it makes us. It was a personal write, I seem to be doing a bit of that lately – don’t know why:-) thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my site, a poem prompted by dVerse Poets. They will close down for the holidays; their prompts are 3 days per week; a great bunch of poets hang out there; find them here after Jan 5– Your poem is epic, moving, honest, & touching. I like your style, thanks.

    • no need to pretend about who we are and what we have done in life I guess 🙂 Thank you Michael as always for your lovely comments.

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