Borrowed Heart (Prose)

brushing the floral curtain with the back of my hand

watching you walk away, your back to me


your jacket slung casually over your shoulder

nonchalant, as was our time this afternoon

dust not settling, words still echoing through the room

hitting the ground before they have the chance

to touch my heart

I watched, you didn’t wave,  you never do

if silence the only noise

I’d clasp my hands falling to the ground, wishing

for more stolen moments, but your words

slowly rise as they have done many times before

lingering inside my head, entering my skin

the amount you stay much shorter than your goodbyes

a heart that won’t be captured, the bird whose flight is free

watching the car door open,  not looking back

the curtain once again falls back in place

as if nothing had changed, simply how it was between you and I

a rendezvous informal, nothing altered

my finger tracing my lips, where you were

once again, you have borrowed my heart

and taken it away

with emptiness ~ I wait in hope

that you will walk through my door again

and stay

©jmtacken Dec. 2013

The music clip says in the beginning to close your eyes and listen … don’t close your eyes ~ but do listen.

34 thoughts on “Borrowed Heart (Prose)

  1. You did more than fill in few moments of boredom x
    You wrote beautiful words that were hard to grasp but got in the end..

    The music, I closed my eyes and for 4 minuets, my pain was gone…
    Thank you for sharing,,


  2. The words are so heart felt….you can feel the pain but add the music while reading and wow. Beautiful, amazing…just touching all around.

      • Hi lovey yep think I have withdrawals lol. All good All eating All exhausted day. Piked out of doing Chrissy night at friends just wanted to sleep. Working from 3pm today. Enjoy your feasting and relax, your “fat” clothes are probably size 8 !!!! love and smooches xxxxxx

      • It’s so full on for one day – nuts really lol working today aren’t you good 🙂 I have another service on Monday so I shall be writing all weekend… And size 8? I wish lovely, hopefully you can relax tonight xxx

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