Leave of Absence Post

From someone who was bored yesterday – to someone who now has a Funeral Service to conduct on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th of December. I am in a tail spin with writing.

Actually disregard the 23rd Service – that has just been cancelled as they located another Celebrant 😦

As much as I would love to read and comment on your posts – I cannot and I feel guilty 😦 so I am writing for everyone’s forgiveness and to advise all that I follow that I can’t keep up at the moment, until the Services are written.

I know you will understand – but I have kept up with all of you constantly to date and this is still my intention to do so, just right now…… it’s not possible.

So my apologies for not being able to visit and comment on what you have written – truly.  😦


14 thoughts on “Leave of Absence Post

  1. Go and do your work it all you have wanted to do we will all be here when you have finished the service and have rested up Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! XO

  2. heya, thanks for popping in…hope it is going well..and that the holidays are treating you well as well….

    did christmas with my father in law today…he is struggling a bit, chills, shortness of breath…hopefully he will follow through with a doctor visit today…

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