Break The Wall (Prose)


break it down for me

the intricacies
you splinter little parts of me
as wood under my skin

casting reasoning to the wind
talk to me ~repair the damage
the ‘kitchen sink’ once again
dragged up ~ the already resolved

counsellors said a waste of time
don’t walk away, I say sorry
I don’t know why
your words angrily whispered
slicing through
breath exhaled

arms flail in the air
the marionette
stringed by an invisible puppeteer
at least spoken words
give a chance
the silence
only lends itself
to confusion ~ doubt

pacing round the room
tension strung like wire
tears I cry watching you
you don’t realise
you’re ignorant to
my ache

our lives
both stressed
day to day
reached a T-intersection
both going different ways

we travelled the same road
once ~ now the fork divided
I’ll fight for you
I’ll fight for us
we can make this work
but break it down for me

so I can cease this hurt

©jmtacken Dec 2013


I wrote this some time back and strangely over the last few days of not being around too much, my enthusiasm has waned a little for writing. Perhaps the pressure of writing the Service and another to do for the 30th December, perhaps the Christmas events …and well life taking precedence.

Thank you for all those who commented on my last post (Leave of Absence) I apologise that I haven’t had time to comment individually to you all – but I think you know how grateful I am for you reading & your comments – so thank you.

I know this isn’t a Christmas Spirit piece and I am sure I will get my mo-jo back soon and I shall be writing a post just before Santa arrives.


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25 thoughts on “Break The Wall (Prose)

  1. Strong passionate piece. I can feel the tug and pull.

    Be well Mumsy. You’re doing amazing work with the services. A special lady to take on such heavy work during the holidays. Be kind to yourself

  2. Thank you darling. I’m taking care – just a little fatigued with all the pre Christmas activities combined with the Service writing & conducting. Writing as I was, has to slow down for a little while. Appreciate your kindness as always. Hugs xx

  3. I think this is a busy and stressful time of year in any case and with your extra duties, it is no surprise that a little of your writing mojo has waned. I would imagine that you are plain exhausted! I really enjoyed this piece and am glad that you shared it and I look forward to the New Year and reading more of your work. 🙂 Take care and have a lovely festive season. x

    • Hello Jade – thank you so much, yes I think it’s finally hit me, but I’ll get through (I have no choice but not) Thank you for liking the piece and for reading and following – appreciated. Wishing you a lovely Christmas to you and yours also ~ thank you Jayde. xx

  4. Ouch what a sad turn in the relationship ~ Hope things work out for the (fiction) couple ~

    Its the time for a lot of stressful activities so take it easy ~ Wishing you Merry Christmas and lovely holiday ~ Take care ~

  5. you will get the mojo back…i wont tear down the wall for you though…sometimes those walls are what we need to go through to get to the other side and be able to carry on…though i will sit here withyou until you are ready….smiles.

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas, Jen. Sterling work to keep going amid all the bizz of the season and your services. Hope you get some down time. Mojo just around the next corner. We’re all looking for a little extra. Hugs.x

    • Thanks sweet. Yes busier than normal it seems, but my Mo-Jo will return ~ I think at this time of year everyone is a little frazzled – wishing you, your hubby, wanes and family a beautiful Christmas also. Hugs and thank you for your encouragement and support. xx

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