Goodbye my friend for Rachel her young daughter & her friends on WP


as the soft winds blow across the shamrocks
as the salt spray vanishes ‘cross the Irish seas
~ a breath last drawn, somewhere in our world
the insidious hands of a cruel disease
grasping at your loveliness your beauty and your strength
and if I had a four leaf clover, I’d wish for your return

you prayed for its release, we prayed alongside with you
and if hands weren’t clasped, you were in our thoughts
to the Universe; for though I’d never met you
a door was opened to my heart, you let the soft Irish wind
touch my soul, with your words and smiles

a life sorely missed, by your family and by us all
one moment you were with us ~ the other you were gone
we miss the friendship that you gave, the happiness you shared
your ‘lists’ and ‘nods’ and humour ~ life will never be the same

our darling Katie ~ the Irish lass who we all loved
our hearts will remember you, as you watch from up above
I thank you for being you, the gentleness of a friend
I met through writing on W P and my tears keep falling
like the Irish mist ~ I will miss you constantly

R.I.P Katie – October 2013

This was ‘our’ Katie, the Irish lass with a smile in her words, who brought me and many others so much joy.
‘Katiekins’ ~ I miss you, I love you.  You are at peace now darling and I am sure you are watching over everyone *nods nods*.

Katie was one of our fellow writers on WordPress .  If you knew her and you would like to write something to her daughter Rachel please post on



36 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend for Rachel her young daughter & her friends on WP

    • thank you Lyn – Katie’s loss is to all that knew here on WP. I ‘met’ her in September last year and a friendship formed ~ she was the smile ~ her Irish lilt written into her words. She is missed and I hope I have honoured her, with what I wrote, for this is a woman that I admired and loved. xx

  1. jen, i had no idea she had passed, i remember her ‘leaving’ the wp world to go do what she had to, in her life and to work through it all. she was here and gone so quickly, when she realized she was sick, she pulled in close to those she loved, i remember her as a light spirit, her words, her approach to life. thank you for letting us know, i’ve thought about her and wondered….somehow hoping…..and thank you for your words for her, and i hope she knows you are speaking for all of us who she touched with her beauty and her light. beth

    • you are welcome, I am hoping her daughter Rachel will read to see the beautiful comments from everyone also. Thank you for your beautiful words too. She knows I speak on behalf of many ~ who loved her dearly and you are right she touched us with so much beauty and her light will for evermore be shining. xxx

  2. Ramblings, (can I call you that? 🙂 ) what a beautiful tribute. You know she was nods nods ing her way through that. I suspect she would blush a bit as (and I believe she does) she reads her way through our missing her and wanting her daughter to be loved and taken care of.

    If you don’t mind I’m going to borrow your idea and add a link to the bottom of my post to let others know she has passed and that they can add a comment to her daughter at her site.

  3. everytime we lose one of these virtual connections it pings my heart…and amazes me as well the connection we create even if only through our words…a wonderful tribute to her….

  4. Oh Mumsy!! 😦
    I thought as much but didn’t know for sure. I can’t help but cry now and know how much you loved her. You and Katie were my greatest support earlier this year and I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without yours and Katies support. Sweet poor rachel. I can’t stop crying. I love what you wrote and so would our Katiekins! Love you and hug you very much Mumsy! Paula xxxxxxxxoooooo

  5. Thank you for being my moms friend and for saying and writing nice things about her. i read your blog and the youtube video u posted. i think u are also the person amber said was a good friend to my mom so thank you again. Rachel

    • Rachel – thank you for talking to me. Nice things are the only things that will be said about your mum. As you have seen from everyone who ever met her on WP, sadly we did not meet but we were in contact through WP and emails. She is a beautiful soul, but I am sure you as her daughter know that already. Amber is a beautiful, caring person, just like ‘Katiekins’ – my nick name for her and I am sure she will be able to help you if you need. I am also here too, like many others, please don’t be shy if you want to reach out to any of us. We are here for you, like we were with your darling mum. Thank you for reading the poem and watching the clip, I hope I did not make you sad, by posting it. Please if you want to just chat about anything – know that I am here. I have two daughters too and I have a good ear if you want to talk about anything. Take Care sweety, know that mum is around you always. xx

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