Wake me up (Prose – Inspired from the song)

wake me up when dreams are real
guns laid down
soldiers home
wake me up when sadness walks another road
seeking is found
goals achieved
wake me up when the starving are fed
crops flourish
drought an unknown word
wake me up when bombs don't hit the earth
politicians speak truth
gain is not just monetary
wake me up when the blind can see
ears can hear
voices are heard
wake me up when disease is cured
limbs are able
minds are clear
wake me up when animals are not tortured
caged to fight
or set upon
wake me up when I feel lost
my path unclear
crossroads of life
wake me up when tears of pain fall
from animal or man
cries unheard
wake me up when broken hearts are healed
lovers feel no pain
those we lose remain
wake me up when my hands and mind aren't heavy
thoughts of what's to come
what life will bring
just wake me up ~ when it's all over


oh and sorry for the advertising!

ยฉjmtacken Jan 2014

24 thoughts on “Wake me up (Prose – Inspired from the song)

  1. Dear Mrs Rambles, Not a bad effort. I liked it. You keep up the good work, the words will flow, like melted butter on a hot day, that’s a little Shakespearean imagery for you. Love Titania.

  2. i think we need to wake up a bit in order to get there…and that it will take some great intention and willingness to sacrifice to get to that place….i think though a lot of people want to get there…but we can not wait until then to wake up….

  3. NO! you can wake up know and help us all do something! I do understand what you are saying but it is up to everyone of us to do our bit…… anyway you’ll miss all the good things that do happen! I like you so you can stay awake and help me and all the like minders! Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and smiles.
    PS Loved the video!

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