Why are we…


What do we seek in life? What do we wish for? Our hearts to be filled with pleasure and not pain. Love and joy and happiness. We search, we seek, constantly from the moment of our birth, tread paths not knowing the outcome, we learn, lessons day by day, to reach what, to be able to communicate, to gather friends, to be happy within ourselves, do we have a destination?

Are we merely breathing, acting upon the impulses of life, working jobs, doing tasks, the day to day ~ the norm? What is it we want to accomplish, by the end of our life’s road?
We lived a ‘good life’ we are satisfied, or is there so much more?

Should we make our mark in life, our footprints not eroding with time, will we be remembered for what we have done, more so than who we are? If this the case, we ask ourselves what do we need to do, what changes should we bring?

She/he was a good person, they cared, they protected, they loved.
She/he was thoughtful, did what they could to help others, they lent their hand.
She/he made me laugh and brought me so much joy.
Are these enough?

For when we leave this earthly plain and are burnt to ashes or buried in the ground
what will others say of us?

Sometimes when I write, these thoughts appear from no where, I exist, I was born, I live and I shall die, I want my time to mean something and merely not float by.

As I look upon the creases in my hands, my fingers hit the keys, I wonder where has my life taken me and where do I go from here?

©jmtacken Jan 2014

Photo Credit: http://www.deviantart.com

33 thoughts on “Why are we…

  1. Ahh yes, I know….ME TOO! Why oh why, what’s it all for?
    I don’t know.
    A bigger purpose than what we can possibly imagine perhaps. A universal purpose?
    Are we merely all vibrations? Ok, that sounds kooky not in any sort of context.
    I ponder this sort of thing a lot.
    Good post Jen.

  2. Perhaps we will never know the answer till our time comes to leave – then we will be shown why we were put here, what was the purpose of our existence. Nods – I ponder it alot. Thanks hun – maybe there will be answers… then again life as we know it just coasts along and we are merely the white bits on the crest of the waves…

  3. I really like this. From the day we are born we are creating our legacy and I wonder whether our legacy matches our expectation. Are we actually entitled to have any expectation of our legacy or is it something than can only come from others? So many questions…

    • Can I say this was born from vodka and melancholy and where my brain goes now & then…too late I did. There are many expectations, from ourselves, what are we bringing to our lives and others..I guess the list goes on, but I am glad you visited and liked and maybe one day we can figure out the answer 🙂 x

  4. our time will mean something…to those whose lives we have touched…often we dont know just how much we meant to them…maybe in the after we will know…we will get to see how our actions played out, for better or worse…

  5. very deep thoughts jen. and these come down to the most basic of levels – ‘did our lives have meaning?’. i think about this at times too, especially as i get older. this is why you are such a good celebrant and why you understand what a passing means to all involved. )

  6. I am always looking for the meaning of life. I think I will until the day I die, so I can really relate to your post. I recently saw something on Pinterest. It read: Help People + Your Talent = Purpose. I think that is a great template to live by.

  7. I think we all get introspective every now and then and consider what makes a life…and are we doing it. No surprise that your post reminded me of Faith Hill’s song, “The Secret Of Life”, right?

  8. I speculate this a lot and it is most troublesome when I wonder whether I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Have I made the right choices, is there something I should be doing differently, am I using my god-given talents to make a difference in the world, and so on? It does blow the mind at times when I feel disillusioned by my own efforts and wonder whether other life choices may have had more impact or meaning. Then I remember that I have to do the best I can with where I’m at. I can’t change the past but I can, hopefully, make a difference in the present that will impact positively on my and others’ futures. It’s a toughy, no doubt. I think as long as we are thinking about these things from time to time we’re always trying. x

    • You are so right and long as don’t become too complacent, also trying, wanting to change circumstances that we feel are needed. No we can’t change the past, but open our eyes to the here and now, as the days tick bye, hoping that we are here for a reason other than just to breathe. Thanks lovely – I do like your comment 🙂 x

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