Chat Time Personal ‘stuff’ – pour a drink – its been a while

Dear  Fans Followers,

My Muse is still drinking I think and poetry is a struggle (at 4:18 pm Thursday afternoon) but I didn’t begin this blog to even write poetry so YAY to me for attempting…yes?

This afternoon, as Melbourne Australia (Horsetralia) swelters under a blazing hot sun and hot northerly winds, the temperature is 44C – that’s erm roughly 111.2 Farenheit. That is hot, I am hot (well I was when I was younger – that’s a joke everyone) so I sit here under a ceiling fan with the Evaporative cooler going flat-out as she/he is struggling somewhat.

Since I haven’t had a chat for a while, and Poetry Muse is off in some corner possibly sporting a massive hangover, my chat Muse is still able to talk…stop groaning it won’t be that bad.

Last weekend I had a visitor, Michael lives in NSW – that’s heading up North from where I live and he was down visiting some of his children. He is the 2nd blogger I have met through WP and being a fellow Aussie – well put it this way – I greeted him at the door with a hug and a few kindly expletives 🙂 as is ‘our way’.

He arrived Sat and he sat in the kitchen whilst I fiddled about making potato salad for our BBQ dinner that night. He chatted to Mr. S and it was all very lovely and relaxed. Later we had the BBQ and I cooked a peppered butterfly lamb (Lyn will know of this) 🙂

Now Michael being a retired Drama and English teacher has assisted me along the way with the writing of my Eulogies and he does a damn fine job let me tell you. I use the word ‘that’ too many times, he corrects, I word a paragraph weird..he corrects. So as I had the Service yesterday – it was a perfect opportunity for him to sit with me and go through what I had written. “He done good” 🙂 (he will hate that) I can write, but sometimes my use of the English language is a little all over the shop and he points me in the right direction.

He stayed over Saturday night and Sunday morning the 3 of us went out for breakfast – ah to be sure it was grand. Meeting a fellow blogger is strange, you realise – they aren’t some imaginary/virtual being that you have communicated with, but a real live person (odd but true).

He left Sunday afternoon and I have to say it was a great pleasure to not only meet him, but chat/banter/whine/discuss etc. I even put the poor bugga through an ordeal he probably didn’t anticipate and took him to meet my Penguins – so he could see that they too (to?) (waits for the correction) were ‘real’.

So if you don’t read him or follow him – go over and take a peek – he writes mainly poetry and he’s a lovely, caring human being.

Yesterday I had my first Burial – all my other Services have been Cremations.
It was 41C yesterday, the Chapel Cooling system was struggling, as was I and I stuffed up and where did I stuff up…reading the Lord’s Prayer for the family. Of all the things to go wrong when I should know this off by heart – and do… but the family were also saying it out loud in front of me..and well…I lost my place. I apologised and continued.

After the Service we went to the burial site for her internment. A family with 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 29 great grand children. They let free their balloons, scattered carnations and roses onto the Coffin and everyone was emotional and very flustered with the heat.

I was invited back for refreshments by the family, they were simply lovely, getting me food and drink and asking me to sit with them. Hopefully the ‘muck-up’ will be forgotten, I did apologise again to them, they said not to worry…

Homefront: My Penguins – Pop seems to be struggling to comprehend what I say to him of late, when he stands now, his whole body shakes and he must sit down within a couple of minutes. Mum is on her medication for her memory loss due to her strokes and now and then gets very angry for no real reason. I am at the point of talking to her like a child, but not in a demeaning way, for I know this is not her.

I won’t go on with other members of the family – let me just say, things are in place to get us back on track…hopefully.

So that’s it – you can wake up now – sorry if I bored the pants off you, as I said it’s been a while since I chatted.

Yours Sincerely,


69 thoughts on “Chat Time Personal ‘stuff’ – pour a drink – its been a while

    • Hello and thank you Heather – I am just checking you out now – not in a stalker way mind you 🙂 I like what I see – so I shall follow. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words ~ appreciated.

  1. I bet you are an amazing celebrant. I love meeting bloggers in real life– it’s like being connected with family. As to your family, *hugs* here’s hoping everything gets on track in the best way possible. xo!

    • Thanks gorgeous – too kind 🙂 Yes it’s wonderful meeting those we only connect with on here – and let’s face it – when we do travel overseas if we are fortunate enough ~ think of what we’ll save in accommodation! 🙂
      Thanks re the ‘fam’ – I hope so too. xx

  2. I have a feeling I will probably meet you one day Jen, I’d like to anyway 🙂 My hubby is off to your neck of the woods next week actually.
    Hey we’re all human and we all make little blunders. Sounds like the family weren’t bothered at all.
    What a special job you do! Good on you.
    Sorry to hear about your parents. So hard 😦
    Really hope you get a break from all this heat!
    PS…..I was salivating reading of your BBQ.

    • Wouldn’t that be something, I would like that. Thank you Trace, as much as I try not to blunder at times it happens 😦 Mum & Pop – it’s day to day, week to week & yes it’s tough. Tomorrow 42 then a break..hopefully. Oh yes sorry I forgot about your detox, keep going but try not to sail across the Melbourne sky 🙂

  3. My, that’s not!
    Meeting a fellow blogger in real life is a very rewarding expirience, I read your story with a smile.
    I am glad theres a feeling in the air that things will start getting back to place and feeling better.

      • I hope not permanently :/ I know Autralia is a great country, but everything is sooo different then Serbia. It’s HOT. I cant stand the Sun, my skin, my head, my stomach. When it is hot and sunny I am outside in long sleeves, trying to be as covered as I can. In Australia I believe this will be impossible (unless I wanna reincarnate fast as a boiled egg 😀 )
        I am coming out of necessity more then pleasure. I have a chance to finish university there and my son would I believe thrive so much more there then here. But if you ask me, I would never leave Belgrade .
        What does comfort me si to know so many wonderfull people from Australia already, like you 😀

      • How exciting, please email me if you have any questions. The coolest part to live would be Tasmania which is off mainland. What are you studying & do you have relatives over here? Who knows you may just fall in love with it, like us 🙂 x

  4. How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger!

    I hope you’re not sweltering too much down there in Melb – apparently there was supposed to be a cold change coming through this afternoon (fingers crossed) 😀

  5. ha. so fun to meet others you have only known through the online world…i have met like 13 now i think as i look when i am traveling….even if just for a coffee…and i have two that travel 13 hours every summer to stay a week at my house, which is cool…never knew them before…its crazy…ha….glad you enjoyed….

  6. this is a great one jen. i love that we are 100 degrees apart in far. temps, we are 11 degrees today. love that you met the visitor/blogger/friend, wish is could have met up with you while on your continent – next time for sure! and no worries about the funeral glitch, it just shows your humanity and proves you are not a robot, well done.

    • I would like 11 even for 10 minutes would do – can you send it over please? Yes, I know and WA to Melbourne is only a hop step and a jump…well no I fib. Hopefully one day. 🙂 Thanks for the confidence as usual Beth – erm keep warm? xx

  7. Nice to hear all is well and that you had some fun. My Mom is feeling horrid so my heart goes out for you as well HUGS

  8. Okay, I’m coming over too. Enough with all of this. It’s time you and I had a yarn and er, a drink, well, make that a very large one or a few large ones. Now that I feel very clever with making plans and all… Oh, that’s right, I live on the other side of the world. Damn it. So I can’t make it right away, well, it would be about 5 am if i came over this very instant, but I won’t, I will visit. Soon.
    You are hot!! um, and that heat, it is so dry I bet. At this point I would just melt in 111F, er, not like an ice cream, I would love a magnum if you can manage it. Well, that would melt too.

    Poor Pops and mum, all can I say my darling if that you are the most wonderful and caring daughter. Gentle reminders as they enter a second childhood – that’s all we can give them.
    As for a blunder, that is nothing. Your words soothe anyone.

    er, still e-mailing you..

    • you make me laugh, I do hope you visit soon, how wonderful would that be 🙂 Yes it is a dry heat – I took the dogs I’m minding out for a walk at 7am this morning, the sun already stings.
      I know hun re mum and Pop and a friend of his passed on Tuesday – so he would be having some thoughts… Thank you re the blunder how kind are you, for that I’ll get you a box of Magnums with Almond or without?
      er, don’t rush I ain’t goin’ nowhere 🙂 xxx

  9. “That is hot, I am hot (well I was when I was younger – that’s a joke everyone”!?!?! Was?!
    Are you kidding? I know personally of one young store-aisle, shelf-minding stud who would say otherwise.
    And his friend Jeffrey agrees!
    (sorry mums, couldn’t help myself) 😉

  10. I think that is just amazing you met Michael and from the sound of it you had a great time =) He is a great guy! I met my husband online (not a blogger) and I went to the wedding of another online friend. I haven’t met anyone from WordPress perhaps someday and to be honest I can imagine it would be strange seeing them in real life! I think I would be especially weird to see for some reason.

  11. Wonderful. I would like to meet up with many blogger friends one day for sure. So glad to know that you had a good weekend. 🙂
    I can understand, it is hard for you where your parents are concerned but you are doing a great job taking care of them.
    Sending the cold misty air your way to shield you from the ridiculously hot sun… (I am following Australian Open, I read about it everyday and watch some of the shots being played)… Take care!

    • Thank you so much anmol you shield worked our cool change has arrived and we now have 23C so much better, thank you for what you said about my care for my parents too, that was very sweet of you. Bloggers are fun to meet, getting to know the person we only see on the monitor. 🙂

  12. Jen, I’m sure your little mishap at the service was hardly noticeable. I’m guessing you are much harder on yourself than anyone else. I’m not saying that you over plan or are a perfectionist or anything like that.:)

    Perhaps our paths will cross one day. That would be delightful!

    • I know I’m pretty tough on myself, I understand what you’re saying Bec, just whilst I’m new and trying to make a name for myself, I don’t want to be know for the one who stumbles over a sentence 😦
      Wouldn’t that be lovely if they did I fact yes delightful! 🙂 xxx

  13. Well, my dear MM I sure hope one day we will also get a chance to meet in person! I love your rambles, catching up with what is going on in your life is great. I am sorry you are going through a rough phase with your parents, I am sure your love does wonders! Take care lovely, xxx

    • Hello young lady, the odds are great but it would be wonderful, hence a blog world party should be organised, then again we would need to hire a sports stadium! Thank you, yes it’s pretty tough going some days, but we do what we must. Thanks for loving my rambles, hope you are feeling better too xx

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