Final Orchestra (Prose)


Swallow me whole ~ symphony of thunderstorms
break the sky with snare drums
the utterance of the approaching squall
cymbals illuminate clouds of darkness
piccolos the shooting stars
that beckons us to other lands

Let me ride ~ the crest of cellos
rain filled, before they burst
tempting parched and broken ground
when my time comes I’ll rest ‘neath harps
tranquil in the angels hands and
eyes will close to the refrain of violins

Β©jmtacken Jan 2014

hopefully my poetic muse is finding her way back home

31 thoughts on “Final Orchestra (Prose)

  1. Swallow me whole ~ symphony of thunderstorms (strong opening line)
    i like the focus on sounds in the opening….
    this to me is the emotional ride music can take you on…its pretty cool…

    i cant respond to your email from school but will this eve

      • I think we’ve said before that sometimes there is a moment of fear thinking, ‘I’ve got nothing else to say’ or ‘I’ve run out of words’. Then it feels ok again. But a rest can make all the difference.
        We’ll all be delighted, no fear. I probably should be taking a break before all my family start drawing daggers again! πŸ˜‰ x

      • I know and imagine if we did ‘run out of words’ I could not imagine not having an inner voice or a mind to use, or fingers to slap the keyboard. Even a few days helps, also allows time to read others more. Mine are used to it, thank gawd for the IPad I can watch (pretend) a movie with Mr. S and scribble away at the same time – oh and thank you πŸ™‚ x

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