asylum (Prose)


imprisoned, boundaries held strong
I was weak
or so they said
a past i can’t forget
I walked these halls

I crave the life
the taste of chocolate on my tongue
cloistered in a world I wanted
not one they thought I needed

shackled to ensure complacency
battling inner thoughts
succumbing to taunts
of those who glared and sat alone

my every move watched
‘guards’ patrolled the halls in pairs
noses turned down to the likes of us

I knew who I was, yet did not
tears spilt on linoleum
nails scratched walls
digging deep
willing my escape

waiting for release
“God I screamed if you exist”
how much can I stand
cease the pain inflicted

rubber forced into my mouth
volts that surged, my body jolts
left in comatose like state
passages of time not clear

save me
let me breathe
vacant eyes
no one visits
enslaved to persecution

pushed shoved at their discretion
my footsteps slow
across the floor
jacket buckled at the back
give me courage

I tried
I did
succumbed to those
who forced the pills
they killed me in the end
inside unhallowed corridors

©JMTacken jan 2014

Shared with  Prompt 39 – Unwanted Reality


This piece was produced with the help of Brian Miller who runs in conjunction with others Dverse. Thank you Brian for your guidance, support and encouragement.

39 thoughts on “asylum (Prose)

  1. This is brilliant I agree with Anmol absolutely heart-wrenching. When I took Abnormal Psychology we watched a lot of videos about the inhumane treatment of mental patients, the cruelty is beyond words. Powerful powerful writing Jenny

  2. oh, that is so, so sad and intense. well done. i think if i was ever locked up or put away it would absolutely make me insane even if i didn’t start out that way.

  3. those old asylums are scary places…and the things they used to do to the inmates…the sterilization, lobotomy, the sexual abuse….its all rather nasty stuff…..def an intense write….well done with it ma’am…smiles.

    • Yes – from what I have read and watched…I can’t imagine the horror these poor souls went through. Thank you Brian fir your part in this piece, I am so very fortunate to have an experienced writer guide me through the process of writing. I salute you my friend.

  4. This is painful reading. You think such inhumane practice would no longer exist,, but oh no, it still goes on. Mental health patients are too often treated as 2nd class citizens.

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