running on empty (Prose)

A breeze snake weaves
between leafy branches
I sit despondent
~ flies buzz
leaves rustle against pavers

other worlds are cold iced
sun that lightens a dreary day
does not this time
~ birds sing, dogs in distance bark

tired of sympathy calling
jaded as the dry weeds in garden bed
calling to be plucked
I have no strength

pieces taken from me ~ bit by bit
I am not whole but crumbling
foundations breaking
spread to thin like
butter across a slice of bread

©jmtacken Jan 2014

I must apologise for not catching up on those I follow, reading and commenting. I am trying, but if I miss out on some of your posts, I hope you will understand.
I am slightly drained of late, hopefully soon I will return. For now, I need to write
to get out what is in my head.

32 thoughts on “running on empty (Prose)

  1. never worry about the ‘paperwork’, we know you are out there and reading and responding when you can. life goes on around us. get those words out jen and you will always feel better, and we will feel better for having read them.

    • you always manage to hit the right spot with your words – thank you Beth ~ now I have to focus, as I have another Service next Wednesday ~ my mind will be put to better use than feeling sorry for myself. xx

  2. Jen, your work world…while I know it is your calling…and your everyday world are intersecting right now and I am so sorry that your joy is literally being sucked from your beautiful capsule. Stay at this place as long as you need. I hope you can do something for yourself soon as I can tell you so need to recharge your battery. Hugs to you~

    • Thank you darling, I’m so appreciative of your friendship and those who genuinely care. I have another service to do next Wednesday so I can focus on that and not the shite around me… Hugs to you and wish it was a real one xxxx

  3. ah i have felt that spread thin…
    and the foundation beginning to give way under me…

    a couple notes for you:

    A breeze that snake weaves (cut that, makes it more action oriented)
    between leafy branches
    I sit outside despondent (cut outside, its assumed)
    ~ flies buzz by (cut by)
    leaves rustle along pavers (what about against instead of along)

    and dont worry, stop by when you can…i am here regardless…smiles.

    • I think we all suffer in one way or another… I listen to josh groban’s CD he is calming me if not making me a little melancholy now. Thank you for your support thank you for the notes… I changed and much better – hugs to you my friend.

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