Moments. (Prose)

at times
coloured lives existing
can be
we step translucent

chromaticity dissolves
fading inwardly
ghost-like through days
colours will return

our days
mountains not trekked
solitude silence
along singular paths

we step with longing
hoping for
to emerge from our

be brave for
they will
strength gained
to feel a better way
without shadows
beyond what you
felt today

Copyright JMTacken Jan 2014

31 thoughts on “Moments. (Prose)

  1. Such a beautiful image you posted and wrote about. I got lost in the picture and your words. I’m hoping you are about to the plateau and will be on your way down soon. You know you are in my thoughts and prayers dear Jen.

  2. Yes I know lovely and I thank you – someone should really come up with more words in place of thank you… but I do regardless of the words I use. I’m making my way to the top of the as I said to Beth – seat belts on for the down hill run. Hugs xxx

  3. will keep looking for those rainbows to guide me on….each day is different as well…what we feel today will be nothing like tomorrow….it gets better…or different at least, changing….what an awesome picture j

    • how true B, 2 days I was so despondent, now I am starting to get back to ‘normal’ once again, or at least trying not to let my worries take hold ~ rainbows are good – very good ~ smles. It is awesome isn’t it – thank you B

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