come here ~ go away (Prose)


be gone with ye

words that steal my slumber

as I lay my weary head

be gone with ye

images and visions

what you ask of me

be gone with ye

I cast you out

my mind needs to be a blank

consumed by you


I must say this or that


be gone with ye

so I may rest


days, weeks pass

writing has been blocked

my muse has wandered off

words where for art thou?

I’m distraught

inspiration do not forsake me


I cannot sleep!!



….oh ye

are you there?


This is shared with the wonderful folk at

 dVerse Poetics   ‘On the other hand’ – one of the examples given by Mary is

How about poetry?  Are there two sides of that coin in your life?  Is it both a blessing and a curse sometime?

A lighter side of the trauma us poets experience.


36 thoughts on “come here ~ go away (Prose)

  1. Isn’t it a bind to find yourself drifting off then thoughts come and you just know that if you don’t note them down they will disappear and you’ll be so irked with yourself next day? I keep my pad on my bed now so I don’t even have to reach but I can’t always make out what I’ve written next day ‘cos I’ve written in the dark. Muse is such a bugger at times. 😉 x

  2. There are indeed times when I feel words come more easily at night, when I am trying to sleep. I am with you with keeping something handy to write on in case this happens.

  3. haha… yes… sometimes they can be a plague those words and images that speed through our head while we try to get some sleep… sometimes i get up and write them down…sometimes i just say good night…smiles

  4. Sometimes our muse just needs to rest a while….regather it’s energy? I like to think of these times (songwriting speaking) as necessary regrounding sessions.
    Only a curse if we let it be. 🙂

  5. it happens…it gets harder sometimes and the more we push ourselves, the further away it seems….i do not believe in writers block…there is s o much inspiration around us…usually when i dont feel like writing i have to make myself and do some simple exercises like describing something in front of me…or a scene…

    • Oh dear I think I have failed miserably, as this was meant to be funny … Just the 2 sides to the poet, but I do like your idea of doing exercises. I need to get out more I think ~ smiles! thanks B.

  6. This made me smile really. I empathize. There are either too many words or they are scarce. A happy medium would definitely be good in the WORD department. I think you have written a poem many poets can identify with!!

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