Sheer Wonder ~ of You (Prose)

protected cocooned

within soft fluid

I held you

dreaming dreams floating

circling in the space

you held your own

to do with as you pleased

attached only by umbilical

gravity unknown

no centre universe

attracting you to earth

content to linger

till your time came

my hand held across my belly

felt you squirm and roll

punch and kick

watching as my skin popped

a visible sign of you

and there you were

through pain and squirming

of my own

bringing you to the world

saying my first hello

cradling you in my arms

kissing every inch of you

I will protect you

I  can’t cocoon you

I would give my life to save yours

my sheer wonder

my girl/s

©jmtacken Jan 26th 2014


Daughter # 2 Kayla

EPSON scanner image

Daughter # 1 Beck and her husband Eug

Shared with –  Prompt 40

Writing anything on – Sheer Wonder

37 thoughts on “Sheer Wonder ~ of You (Prose)

  1. First of all your daughters are gorgeous like princess gorgeous! This is so touching Jenny and there is nothing on this earth that compares. Truly a miracle and a perfect choice for the prompt.

  2. Oh! That is so wonderful you certainly touched a cord (no pun intended). No doubt you did with all mums. I felt the same as you about my boys but you expressed it perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing
    Your daughters are beautiful and a credit to you. xxxxx

  3. thank you so much for sharing these, they are absolutely beautiful, just like their mother and her words. i hope that you all find your way back into your loving cocoon before too long. )

  4. There is just something about the bond between a mother and child. We are blessed to carry them inside of us and no one else gets that experience. Beautifully written and your daughters are stunning.

  5. beautiful family…i am glad you have that bond….women/mothers have such a bond as well through the birthing…on some level i am jealous the bond my wife has with my sons….its just different you know….smiles.

    oy, still recovering from being awake so long…i need to get back to you…smiles.

  6. Your daughters are so beautiful, Jen. Just like their momma. Your post shares the unbelievable bond that develops instantaneously. It’s no wonder we fall in love with them and they fill our hearts with joy and pain.

    On another note, I love daughter #1’s wedding dress…just lovely.

    • Thank you darling I blush again, oh yes the joy and pain…. Lots of each. Thank you it was lovely, the detail doesn’t show in this, but pearl droplets of a flower on one side of the rouging along her hip level. She had it made, I cried when I saw her in it the first time… Guess that’s normal for a mum 🙂 xxx

  7. I have a special place in my heart for your girls. Not just because I feel I know their story from birth to present , but because I adore you. They are both stunning. Um, well, I know where they get that, but most of all, they seem to have a glow from within. Gorgeous photos.

    Your words are like molten gold my lovely. They just pour out of you and I feel. I feel, I tear, I smile, when I think of holding my girls. What a gift to make us all so emotional.
    *Hugging you*

    • Your words made me melt my sweet lady, I keep forgetting you have read my book, their story. Yes, you do know them so well. Thank you for all your compliments ~ I blush. I am so pleased that you enjoyed this, I must admit I loved writing it. Hugging you hard, giving you a smile of thank you and xxxxx

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