It’s chat time again or chewing the fat

This afternoon I needed to do a catch up, not only with posts, readers whom I follow, making new blogging friends but also estimating my kilometres for my log book… How dull you all say..and yes it was.

Out of my filing cabinet I pulled out the Services I have written, to check my notes on the kilometres I have travelled to family interviews and attending Services.

This is required for taxation purposes as I am sole trader at present.

As I looked at each file, with the Order Of Service attached, I had a reflective moment. These are lives that have passed, these people whom I never knew, gone now from their families, those they loved. This is to be expected, but it just hit me this afternoon as I flicked through their stories once again, as if nothing had changed in my life, but so much had in others.

On a brighter note we just celebrated Australia Day weekend.. I know sounds odd, but Aussie Day was on Sunday, so we all get a holiday the day after. Some of my more patriotic followers wrote posts about it, I was slack, I didn’t. I have been writing and getting the Service ready for tomorrow’s burial of a 48 year old man who passed as a result of Myotonic Dystrophy.

He lived in a facility the last 8 years of his life, I write his story, along with family members. Residents from the Centre will be attending and they are releasing balloons after the Chapel Service, prior to going to the burial site.

It should be beautiful, most of them will be in wheel chairs, being helped by their carers.

Yesterday I had a mishap, not with my writing, but just a warning for those of us who whip on a pair of shoes that have a slippery sole…do not venture down concrete steps, that’s all I’m saying. Down I went like a bag of spuds. I was winded and hit my back and grazed all my elbow..yes I yelled obscenities, seemed the only proper thing to do at the time.

Haven’t caught up with my penguins (parents) the last few days, so hopefully will call in after the Service to see them. Pop has finished writing ‘his’ Eulogy and I am so proud of him, though he tells me not to go on for so long that I will bore people. Aww bless ‘im.

Ok so no boring all of you now. I say farewell, y’all hurry back now ya hear. πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “It’s chat time again or chewing the fat

  1. Falling and obscenities go hand in hand.
    This appears to be my first ramblings and check in. I enjoyed it. Could relate a little bit. As part of my job I read obituaries every morning to see if any of our customers present or past, have passed. I read so many and sometimes get lost in the stories of their lives.

    • Oh yes Colleen that they do, I am awful, swear like a trooper when needed.. And sometimes very needed. Oh that sounds an interesting job, have you written any posts on it, or what do you actually do apart from ready the Obs? That’s what I love about this ‘job’ learning about so many different people. Thank you so much for enjoying my rant, I switch from poetry and do these when I can’t think of prose to write.. Be prepared I am prolific πŸ˜‰ xx

      • We are prolific sisters under the pen!!! πŸ˜‰

        I have over 1600 posts. Some are quite …..not interesting. But I have referenced my job on occasion. Though I am very careful because of privacy matters. But I’m an investigator for adult protective services. It’s a very difficult and a very rewarding job.

      • What an amazing profession to have. I can understand both sides of the coin with difficult yet rewarding and understand your privacy issues. 1600 oh my, I thought my 700 odd was plentiful. Look forward to reading more of you and playing catch up as well πŸ™‚ x

    • Aww thank you lovely I hope so, I have the nervous tummy right now, 4 hrs to go, I pace, read through and pace, but they say without being nervous, your heart is not in it, so thanks for your wishes, I shall write on my return. πŸ™‚ xx

  2. hope you are okay jen and what a way to celebrate australia day, can you not be so physical next time please? ) i was thinking, oh no, dangerous – maybe you could make a book or journal or box of the people who you send onward, perhaps with their stories, a picture, your notes or anything else you deem memorable to their story of passing on. this is not to be anything morbid, but rather a recognition and celebration of their time here on earth, their life. don’t know if it would be too heavy to have to carry around with you emotionally, but i just think your job is so unique and important, it might be interesting to remember or write about it one day –

  3. Oh no, sorry about the slippery shoes and the fall. Poetry in motion, Jen…you have to get that monkey off of your back sometimes. I hope your service goes well tomorrow…or I guess that is today for you.

    • Yup just got home lol, I stumbled on some words…I hate it when that happens and whats more the boss was attending 😦 Hopefully he will still give me work. The pressure got to me. Yup ok now just a few bruises – thanks hun xx

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