I remain your puppet (Prose)


If I focus on my environment
I hear glass shatter
never broken window panes
behind closed doors
off narrow hallways
silent hues of amber
and dark red
the frailty of me

I remain

I could run
vanish from my sanctuary
desensitise encounters
but my mind a web
of gnarled branches

I remain

My path
a narrow road that bends
sharp against the
sheer rock face
edges crumble downwards
as do I
my fate solidified
hoarse voice that screams
no more

I remain

I stay secluded
I stay quiet
wait till voices pass
watch the woods
hold on to what I know is real
adults teach their children
what have I been taught

I remain

©jmtacken Jan 2014


As my brain could only work once this evening I wrote the above which I share with Angela at – Visdare http://anonymouslegacy1.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/visdare-46-silhouette/#comments

and the team at DVerse OpenLinkNight of D’verse Poets Pub

37 thoughts on “I remain your puppet (Prose)

  1. Though sometimes the path may be narrow, it always leads somewhere. Sometimes poetry helps us find our way. Even when the rock face crumbles near us, one can keep walking on and find a place one knows is real!!

  2. the frailty can be felt here… love the i remain repetition…the in spite…watch the woods
    hold on to what I know is real…. that’s a good thing to do…

  3. nice…i like the life being the narrow path by the cliff face line…
    sometimes we have to grab what we know is real and hold on tight…
    the repetition of i remain as well…it lends to strength and outlasting…

    sorry, been offline with computer issues….just getting back today…

  4. Thank you so much anmol, I originally had ” I remain” on 2 of the stanzas until a friend said would it work on all… I took advice and glad I did. Had better days ..but ok thank you for asking. How are the books going? 🙂

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