we disappeared


right hip swung out, be/tween stove and stainless sink
she wipes the tear that rides her bottom eye-lash navigating her jaw line
perhaps the onions/perhaps not, rut cycle, clothes in the machine begin theirs
the timer shrills, oven is hot, grabs the carcass (poor thing) wishes she was vegetarian
hot meal on table by six thirty daily/routine never changes,longing for summer rays, salads, she casts her mind to crisp lettuce leaves grown from earth/not a pulse or breathing to be sliced and diced – door opens/wipes her hands, checks the clock, takes a breath/puts on the smile, footsteps, briefcase slammed down/hi-hi/bedroom,change of clothes/another ritual, same old same old, how was your day, asked if she cares – she really doesn’t any longer, swearing/footsteps/how was your… that incompetent Frank/her eyes glaze, for a moment her mind retraces the yesterday’s, the kisses/ her face cupped within his hands, compliments – both said it wouldn’t happen/both promised, but it appeared before either knew/took the time to change/stop the process of the spiral, oven hot/she remembers when his leg locked around hers/dipped her – tango style and told her she was

©jmtacken Jan 2014

For Sam’s ‘last post’ at http://dversepoets.com  we were asked to write a prose poem, my attempt with a nudge and a poke from the fab B.Miller.

31 thoughts on “we disappeared

  1. i dont think anyone ever sees it coming…and plenty make promises it will never happen…but it does….we fall into comfort easily and it becomes an existence instead of a life…i like hte stacking of action on action in this one…

  2. very good Jenny, the build up of tension and the sadness of a life that has become a rut she has found herself in and unable to change……same old same old….been there done that,…….excellent piece loved it……a vegetarian? Really?

    • I think many Colleen. When my partner and I Mr. S first met, we promised we wouldn’t get into the normal everyday rut… but it happens, that’s why it’s constant work to keep a relationship thriving and alive, if that is what is wished..some just let it happen I guess, because of the reasons you have said.

      Thank you so very much 🙂

  3. The same old rituals of enduring pain from false words that never changed nor improved. The misery always laughs at this kind of scenario & yet we let it win against us—sadly.

  4. if we’re not careful it will happen and things become routine and meaningless and painful.. think we have to keep in mind that it requires fantasy and hard work to change it for the better.. but we can..smiles

  5. It’s harder to stay together sometimes than apart it seems..but then apart..it seems together again..i don’t know the answers..but i never leave my wife’s side..she depending on me with disability..and me disabled for so long..depending on here for everything..

    Life is hard..love is hard..but still i love it..and treasure..it ..stagnation..i’ll take as long as i can love..no matter what the other does…but i feel the pain in your words..and know of no answers either..

    Except for Love..wherever it can be found..or an uphill battle..once again..to get her..
    in my case..again in LOVE…together..again.

    • Thank you KMF – thankfully this is fiction, but I have been in relationships, where you reach a point where it’s too hard to stay in the relationship and too hard to get out of. Love too is a tough road but once found and able to maintain such a beautiful thing. I wish you both peace, love and happiness and thank you for reading and your wonderful comment.

    • yes we do hun, or else the rut can set in very quickly. Thanks darling (hugs) hope not too snowy there today or are you still freezing your bottoms off? We have 42 tomorrow…but I didn’t say that 😉 xx

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