Infection (Prose)


It’s infectious
with troubled pasts
can’t explain or talk it out
the need to expel demons
carried on backs, or those that are
buried deep within hearts
It’s infectious
the mountain is there
that needs to be climbed
a pillow that’s held tight to a chest
a drink that is swallowed, they try to forget
abandoning yesterday’s in place of tomorrow’s
casting aside pain, forgetting past sorrow
It’s infectious
the need to jump fences
run free through the fields
survive what has happened, the need to feel real
to unlock the doors, to open their minds
regain their confidence, leaving darkness behind
words are around you, the answers in sight
write out your feelings…please just write
©jmtacken 2014

30 thoughts on “Infection (Prose)

  1. in working with kids often it is developing that trust so that they will share….and knowing too that once they do it may be painful to go through again but in sharing we find we dont have to carry it ourselves….and there is healing…

    • you are so right Brian, it takes strength to open oneself up and explain your feelings or pain, once that can be done with the process of unburdening, the load may not seem as heavy. I wrote this thinking there are so many writers in WP that have sad tales to tell. Some of their loves touched with so much tragedy and they write about it. Being able to express their inner thoughts, as we all do, cathartic and therapeutic . I’ll stop going on about it now. Smiles. Thank you for reading.

  2. It is infectious the burdens we all carry. The infection lies within and we can not fight it until we stop and face it.
    Great post I just wanted to add my 2p before I go to bed hopefully to escape my infection for an hour or two. Be big and brave sending you good vibes

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