Train Ride (Prose with Music)

hands held
leather handles of bags well worn
weight heavy, as my heart
I stood helpless glancing towards
mountains, close as you
to touch
bitter cold
no words forthcoming
we held glances
on the empty platform

waiting for the train
time suspended, tears were shed
how far was it you’re goin’
till you reach your destination
call me, can you ~ will you
tell me if your happy
found your way

I’ll be here should you return
if home is where you’d rather be
you want to find yourself ~ you said
will I lose you if you do
a train pulls in
a last embrace
a tender kiss
doors close
my heart held silent
begging you
to stay

©jmtacken Jan 2014

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51 thoughts on “Train Ride (Prose with Music)

  1. still just as moving the next time around…
    any one that reads i highly recommend clicking on the video and letting the music play while you read this…it def plays well each enhancing one another….

  2. Well conveyed the sense of departure and loss. I think we all experience this when loved ones move on,those train station farewells can very much tear at the heartstrings. Lovely Jenny.

  3. Oh, I can really feel the emotion in this poem! The saying good-bye. The hope. The yearning for the other to stay! This one sticks in my throat as I read it! Powerful fare.

  4. Touching and tragic departure, Jen. The music is beautiful and matches the prose so well. There’s something about trains pulling away that really tugs on the heart strings. Beautiful! 😀

  5. I think you never lose them, if you encourage them to find themselves. At least that’s my experience so far, fingers crossed.

      • So sweet of you to remember me-thank you my dear,am good.How are you?I still write at Trifecta regularly and comment too-am not that good at poetry ,so had run away after the first time-will try to add a bit at least on open link nights-this is such a supportive and friendly community ,that I wish I could participate more.Yes,you are so right,we must never give up hope:-)Tc xx

      • They are amazing – so please do join us. Of course I remember, you we are a family on here, from far and wide. I am glad you are well and never say you are not good at poetry… or anything.. I am learning every minute and loving the process. Hope to see more of you. Take Care TC Jen xx

      • Thank you Jen-I did join and this was the second time I entered-hoping to find my footing one step at a time and yes hobnobbing with wonderful writers like you,I will definitely learn,that I am sure:-)Thank you for the love and support,,God Bless xx

      • I blush – wonderful writers – no darling – I’m still in the nest flapping my wings compared to some, but I thank you for being so very sweet. Support and encouragement to anyone who loves to write – must be continued. We all have a love and passion for writing, our commitment our goal, to inspire…you will be just fine and if I can assist you in anyway I am here, on email privately or on WP. 🙂 xx

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