Chat time once more ..I am SO bored

so unfortunately readers you shall have to bare the brunt of my boredom.

It is 4:27pm Tuesday (I think it’s Tuesday) staying at home every day makes me lose some days..ok even weeks of what was my normal 9-5 existence. I so need more work.

I sit here writing (or trying to at least a piece of prose/poetry) hell I still don’t really know the difference – even though Brian has told me (and I thank you Mr. M) … to me prose is pretty much a short story…I am sure I will get it eventually/hopefully … ‘anywho’ so what is happening around me right now, that would make it interesting enough to hold your attention?

Erm…ponders… outside we have a haze, I can smell the smoke from bush fires 95.6km away from us.
It’s an eerie feeling, as I walk out onto my deck and smell the smoke in the air. This is Summer in Australia unfortunately, we get used to it. Some young idiot kids, who think nothing better than throwing a live match into an open dry paddock. The other day when we had 42C a total fire ban day, some numbskulls were lighting fire-works…err hello wtf?

The haze is also next door, I don’t know if I have told you about my neighbours, the neighbours from hell… this is one reason we want to move. When I first moved here, the screaming matches that we had to endure were… not pleasant. I have put up with them since 1998. They have two children… early twenties now I guess. When they were little, I had to call the Police as they were screaming so badly that their kids went and sat outside on the pavement to get away.

The daughter has a little girl now and does not live at home. The mother, well what can I say, she screams and starts arguments at the drop of a hat.

As I sit here, the three of them are going at it again, the daughter and mum and dad, though dad tries to maintain some sort of peace, the mother, she’s uncontrollable.

My issue is their daughter with her little one, it’s difficult to sit and hear the baby cry (I think she’s under two years of age) because she is in the middle of her mother having a screaming session with her mother.

This child has no hope of a ‘normal’ upbringing. She hears the swear words bandied about as if it’s “Can you pass the salt please”. How will this child grow up, what is she learning from these ‘people’ to be in the middle of this, my heart goes out to her. It’s cruel, it’s nonsense and the problem is the parents and the mother cannot see what it will do to her.

I could go on and on, my boredom would lead me to tell you my entire life story at this point, but I shall save you all from that.

Till next chat time – it’s over and out from moi.

36 thoughts on “Chat time once more ..I am SO bored

  1. I think their twins moved in next door to me about two weeks ago. I wouldn’t know them if I was stood in front of them but I can tell you how many times he’s cheated, both names, where they’ve been etc etc, and they have a young kid too. What hope has a child brought up in that?

  2. 😦 That poor child. She will grow up as her own mother did, unless new momma gets an epiphany and realizes what happened to her will happen to the child. Unless she makes changes. So, ARE you making plans to move? How horrible to feel like that in your own home.

    • Sadly Colleen I don’t think she will, she was screaming right alongside mum, it’s how she has been brought up…this will continue. Yes we are, along with the need to down size, but we have to wait till the offspring get jobs…

      • It’s a horrible cycle Jen. I see it so very much here as well. Because of my job. Because I go out in the community. But….then we also have folks who try very hard to break the cycle and I’ve seen such great successes. It is wonderful to see when it happens.

  3. I am sorry this is so scratchy but I think it says it all!! and I love Pandas! You are no at all boring even if you are bored! Sorry about the neighbours you must have the patience of Jobe to have put up with that Harraden and family for so long. Like you I see little help for the child and so the story will go she in turn will, no doubt have a child who will be caught up in an argument between her/his Mum her/his Grandma and maybe even great Grandma???
    I hope you are safe from the fires and the firework idiots!! Keep tapping the keys OH! BTW I often write stories in verse and some people call that prosetry!! hugs xxxxx

  4. i feel for that little one…growing up in chaos…hard to live next to as well…not just to hear but to know and feel for the little one…as who cares what it is called…just write it…smiles.

    • Yes, thankfully the little one doesn’t live their, but her and her mother visit quite a bit – don’t ask me why – I guess they are all used to the screaming – it’s a part of life for them… you made me smile exactly who cares what it’s called – I shall write…I shall write ~ smiles thank you B.

  5. And don’t you just want to go over and clutch the little one away telling the rest of them to get on with it but not in front of a babe.
    I used to live above neighbours who had regular ding-dongs. it actually used to scare me. I don’t do violence well. Even hearing it.
    Hope you get a move, Jen. x

  6. I’m afraid these children are the ones I used to work with when I was in the public schools…behavior problems….difficulty learning…shutting down. Just look what happened to the daughter and now the grandchild? The cycle of life or the cycle of dysfunction? I think we know the answer.:(

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