Moon (Prose)


have you seen the moon cry
on a summers night
she weeps her luminous tears
‘cross the darkness

as we sleep, her tears
move oceans, she cannot speak
we cannot ask, we have our own
sadness, cloistered in our world
we think not of others pain

her teardrops from watching
her planet below
her oceans forever rise
though perhaps not as
significant, ours are spilt
too silently, along with hers

ยฉjmtacken Feb 2014

For some reason my IPad decided to publish this (under stars) before I had completed now I try again (under Moon)..sorry.

31 thoughts on “Moon (Prose)

  1. Tender. A rueful smile for the second stanza. There is sadness within us all that we often forget to pay heed to others’ pain.
    The idea of filling up of oceans by her tears resulting in high tide and the not so significant tears that we shed along with her… Great expression. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my favorites by you definitely.

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