Faye and Tommy (Prose)


ocean coloured eyes, auburn curled hair
nestling on her shoulders, stuck with him
the restaurant, crushed napkin folded
kept safe in his worn wallet

her phone number
scribbled in ink, bled from his
sweaty palms over weeks
yet he hadn’t dialed her number

small town, back woods, trying
the best she could, to get out
leave the trailer park, an inner strength
held behind her cerulean eyes

words spoken of her existence
showed determination, he felt weak
amidst her charms, her softness
his a different pain to hers

the napkin dropped near his plate
alongside remnants of mashed potato
beans and meat, he stared at it a while
did she find him attractive

then left, closing the door to her world
to begin again with his, yet
she kept dragging him back, without
a word between them

just this napkin, he couldn’t throw away
she wanted out, she told him so
was he her meal ticket to a better life
to get somewhere, was this his doubt

and then he threw her number away
‘coz he knew he didn’t have the courage
to find out, the risk of being hurt again
to try and make it work

until one summer’s afternoon
when she played so badly on his mind
like a sweet violin
he made a sign

nailed it to the pole
in the street where she worked
and he waited near by
waited and watched for Faye to see

how much she meant to him
how proud he was of her
and how, with lives so different
they were meant to be

©jmtacken Feb 2014

In a bit of a gushy mood today.

Sharing with Jude from http://raisingthecurtain.net who inspired me to write from her latest post – a fellow Aussie who wrote a piece of fiction, please go visit her and thank you for the inspiration Jude 🙂
and also http://dversepoets.com for OLN.

Also a shout out to the wonderful Brian http://waystationone.com for his nudges in all the right places.

PS I have read and commented on other writers linked into DVerse for some time now and in return they kindly read and comment on what I have written . Please show common courtesy by reading and commenting to other writers,  it’s a two way street. If I offend anyone by this – I apologise.

38 thoughts on “Faye and Tommy (Prose)

  1. What a fascinating poem! I would say the young man was ‘smitten.’ I hope the sign gets her attention and that they do get together in the end. I think this poem needs a next chapter. Smiles.

  2. Well I love the ending and that picture sign is just so sweet ~ Sometimes we just have to dare to put our hearts out ~

    Hope you are well and wishing you Happy hearts Day ~

  3. its a cool story…i like that you follow the napkin…but in the end the man has to find his own way to get her attention…i like his choice…it reminds me of cusack in say anything….nice story telling in this…

    and i know exactly how you feel on those that dont reciprocate…i might get about a 45% return rate right now…so make community with those that make community you know….smiles.

    • Thank you B and for your nudges, you make me write what I see and that is a good thing, thank you so much and yes, sadly there are those who for some reason it seems beyond them to do the rounds. Each week I try and read a new author or two and comment. I’m appreciative to those who return visits, this is what being a community is all about. ~ smiles

  4. cool that he found a way to communicate with her finally…i can imagine what a struggle it must have been for him… and re your commenting footnote… yep.. it certainly is a two way road..

  5. I also like the napkin centerpiece – its fragility, its use to clean faces and fingers, its locus as the hope for a happy future but also the repository of lost hope – and then the return to hope. If that’s mushy, well, so am I 🙂 ~

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