twisted thoughts (Poetry?)


Knotted ropes ~ ‘pon the deck of what
life is, twisted thoughts not lucid
minds play tricks
I stand at the helm, the craft I steer
a listless fog has descended
blurs the vision, once clear

storms, rough waves and endless seas
darkened horizon enshrouding me
how minds work, on days like these
when others paths seem easy
I take a deep breath, hold tight to the wheel
navigate round the rocks, try to feel

sinking ~ drowning, ‘neath the clouds and
strong winds, lurching, floundering
yet unable to move, caught in the triangle
where ships never leave, hold strong 
ride the tide, hold strong, I repeat
I’ve nowhere to hide

take me out of the squall, let my mind come back
ascend from this darkness, never look back
days when it’s hard, the course too rough
I can’t change my status, I’ve tried hard enough
let me, get to shore, break the cycle I’m in
throw down this anchor ~ let me begin

©jmtacken Feb 2014

More poetry than prose I think – but that’s where I went with this.
I have to admit there are many times when I write, when I worry about how others will react, which at times makes me hesitant to post some of what I do. I am not asking for praise, just letting you know, that I am still learning and have a way to go in my writing. I simply needed to write this. 

A thank you to Michael for his nudge with the above.

19 thoughts on “twisted thoughts (Poetry?)

  1. smiles…you are a good writer…i started much the same…and even now if i dont feel a bit edgy in posting i am probably not writing my best…if its too easy i am writing fluff you know….but you learn to get over as well because it will surprise you the reactions that you get when you push to where it makes you a bit uncomfortable

    • smiles back ~ your support and encouragement is very much appreciated and I thank you for that and also your kind comment. Some days I write this way, other times differently, still trying to find a balance or where I ‘am’ as a writer.

  2. Enjoyed all the metaphors in this, but then I suppose would. Hope the fog lifts and your course becomes clearer to navigate.

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