Happy Valentines Day

Last the night the conversation between Mr. S and I –

Me: “Oh hell I didn’t get you a card.”

Mr. S “We don’t normally celebrate it – do we”?

Me: “No we don’t, oh well, we’re out tonight”

Mr. S “Yup that we are”.

Was asleep when he left for work this morning, feeling so low the last couple of days. Sitting in my P.J’s at 2:15 pm… not like me.

Door bell – “Hello- Madam – anyone there”?

Me: “Oh yes, sorry I’m in my pyjamas, not feeling well”. (I had to have some excuse)

Driver:  “Someone’s a lucky girl – Happy Valentines madam”.


with a card saying … just because you’re you….Love S

So now I have tears..but they are happy tears. I love you too Mr. S and you brightened my day and my world.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

49 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Beautifully done Mr. S. I am so happy he made you smile and cry happy tears. Are you okay? You deserve it and er, I watch greedily as those lovely chocolates lie next to the beautiful flowers. Maybe I’ll creep by and grab some later… Yummy!

    • Hello Gorgeous and Happy Valentines to you 🙂 Just been a bit down the last few days…you know me – up one minute, in the pits the next. I shall be watching them don’t you worry, *grabs and nods* they are mine ~ all mine 🙂 xxxx

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