It’s all in the music (Prose with Music)

spirit of music, beckons
sounds evoke images, ears absorb
they swirl around your core
then settle, within the depth of you

drops of silken water touch leaves
waterfalls cascade down glassy rocks
rainbows stretch across hills
clouds float along the breeze
waves tumble to the shore
snow slowly melts on the bough

sunset on a slow summers night
branches bow against the breeze
the notes are more than these
go with them, they guide you to
places you have never been

some make you soar
fly on wings ‘cross crystal oceans
or darkness and shadows appear
what you experience, what you hear

as notes heighten senses
music changes you, brings tears
of sadness, or of joy
instruments or words
they can alter the thoughts
you now possess
before you began to play

Β©jmtacken 17 Feb 2014

and a nudge or two from Brian on this one ~ thank you~ I struggle with passive and active language ..but I’m learning!

25 thoughts on “It’s all in the music (Prose with Music)

  1. you are learning for sure…
    music has such a power to affect us
    our mood, to pull out of us the good or bad….
    and each will respond differently to the same
    music/song…cool vid btw….forgot to tell you that

    • thank you and thanks to you and other wonderful people out there, I will get there.. yes I can be in the dumps put inspiring or happy music on and I am lifted..alternatively I can put on sad music and the tears will flow. Thanks – the vid is pretty awesome πŸ˜‰

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