For my brother R.I.P (Prose with music)



and play

Send a whisper back, to who was loved
catch the moment they may hear
enshrouded veils of yesterday’s
if I could reach through years
to bring you home

I would

Mountains, seas, harshness of winter
winds, heat of summer sun, do you feel
do you see ~ divided I trace momentos
can I bring you home again

Can I bring you home

holding to memories, your smile
laughter, the goodness you had
inside, misunderstood by many
free spirit you walked your own path

Have you found your way

My aching heart still lingers
when I think of you
the flowers next to frames
words spoken, so much time passed

I’ll always remember you

Photos holding you, the beads you wore
the poem I wrote leans against your heart
a reminder of who we were
who you were

A sister/a brother

Born into this world
not knowing of tomorrow’s
when you began to lose your way
perhaps beliefs could have changed
then you may have stayed

Return to me/to us

All I have is memories
and parts of you, you owned
your crystals, your scarves
the glasses that you wore

Come home

Silently cross legged
corner of room
symbolic mudra held
I glance and realise
silence of words

This belonged to you

This is what you left
majestically he sits, silent
eyes closed in my house
guiding, reminding me of you

My fingers wordlessly trace the wood

I hope that you dance and laugh
wherever you may be
that clouds are white not grey
that music fills your heart
that you remember me

Can I bring you home

I would if I was able
so you could be again
give a sign you’re happy
you hear my words ‘cross
tears that fall

Call a whisper forward

©jmtacken Feb 2014

My younger brother passed 10 years ago… today listening to music I felt the need to write the above.

Colleen from  wrote a post the other day. In this post were two lines that I was attracted to immediately  – Send a whisper back and Call a whisper forward. With her permission, I use these lines in the above- thank you Colleen.

I share this with OLN

76 thoughts on “For my brother R.I.P (Prose with music)

  1. With that music and your writing it will bring people to cry Jen but listen, you do everything justice, whatever you do, you make it YOUR OWN. Your brother I know you miss but he will be sitting next to you as we speak and crying and smiling beside you.

    That was STUNNING in any sense of the word Jen..
    You know hurt but you also know love..
    To know both is to care……….

    x Shaun x

  2. This is a very moving poem, Rambly. I can relate all the more as I also lost a brother ten years ago next month. “I hope that you dance and laugh / wherever you may be / that clouds are white not grey
    that music fills your heart / that you remember me” – my favorite lines.

  3. Jen that was so incredible. I’m sure he was with you when you wrote this. It’s obvious he was in your heart. Is in your heart. I like the whispers that you are sharing between you. I can feel them in your words. ❤

  4. I write this with teary-eyes. Your words so strongly capture the feelings of loss and incredible longing. The music with it is especially haunting, as my own brother is a gifted pianist and the only one I have left of my immediate family. I’m so sorry for the passing of your brother, I do believe he is always near you. 🙂

  5. What a moving memory poem of your brother. I do understand the wish for him to come home. If only he could. If only you could see him one more time….but, I also like your hope that, wherever he is he is dancing.

  6. Jen, this is beyond beautiful. Thank you for sharing the love you have for your brother. I didn’t realize you had this loss. I love when you put your prose to music or better yet read it to us. Such a wonderful tribute to sibling love.:)

  7. And now I see what you mean. The wistfulness is something that I feel far more than I ever imagined, and it runs through your poem like a winding thread. My days, at the moment, are filled with feeling blessed to have known my dad for the short time he was with us, and feeling something un-nameable for the fact that he is no longer there to hug, to feel that kin-ship that we had.

  8. I believe they are always with us. Just gone through another door. We can speak between rooms even while we may not see. Beautifully penned and I’m sure felt understood by your brother.x

  9. ah, Jenny, you’ve done your brother, and all others who’ve lost, well. This line speaks to we who would write of life, and eulogies both: “the poem I wrote leans against your heart”. ~ Michael

  10. How did I ever miss this? I needed to see these words. So poignant and a true reminder of what loss means, a loss of a sibling especially. How beautiful is your heart my lovely Jen. Your brother walks with you every day, of that I am quite certain; he watches, smiles, nods and walks again.

    I have not lost my brother but it feels as If I have. I don’t think it will ever become what it was when we were children. But it is his place in the world right now and he is happy or is he? I don’t know. You know my story. I will tell you more later.
    Thank you my sweet. *Hugging you*

  11. Thank you my lovely, I am sure that he by me. Yes I do and hopefully the bond will always be there for both of you. Waits for email 🙂 and thank you for the hugs, as I hug you hard in return xxxx

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