Razor Blades (Prose)


I walk blades of glass
trying not to bleed

I walk gingerly
one day to the next

it tears at me
the line I tread

between what’s real
what’s not

screams as I am
on my knees

I cannot find my way
to help those who I love

to those who are in pain

together we walk
‘cross glass blades

©jmtacken 19 Feb 2014

Photo Credit: Enterkey


40 thoughts on “Razor Blades (Prose)

  1. Thanks for writing this post, it describes how I have felt for most of my life. It is amazing to see it written down so accurately by someone else. I do hope you do not suffer these feelings too often. Hugs yo you. xxxx

  2. In my thoughts, Jen. Both you and your daughter. The tightrope or the razor blades are always so difficult to navigate. Thank god for patience and love. A very emotive piece that speaks to all who have ever walked that road. x

      • All you can do is persevere. So difficult. But your love and support will be rewarded in her healing. If you saw or heard some of the things I have this week you would never doubt how valuable – beyond measure – is the love you provide. I suppose we imagine that there will come a time when they can totally go it on their own. One of the worst and maybe best parts of parenting must be that we’re always called upon to be there and the worry never ends. How I wish parenting came with a manual. I would have given it out umpteen times this week. But nothing replaces natural love. And yours is evident in the words of your post. Hang on in there for better days. My thoughts are with you. And don’t forget how awesome you are! x

      • You know, we start a blog and we meet people and some are there..just because..and some are there that get who you are and what you are going through, you are one of those people and I thank you for being so. I do hang out for better days, more for my daughter who has lost her way tha. I who cannot find her to bring her back…thank you precious. Hugs xx

  3. I walk blades of glass
    trying not to bleed

    I walk gingerly
    one day to the next

    there is wisdom born of profound experience in this passage Jen,
    i relate to this all too well. i hope things resolve themselves.

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