It’s Chat Time!!!

Yes, it’s that time again, it was only five days ago that I posted my last one, there’s a pattern here folks. At least when readers see the title they can skip over if they want some prose/poetry, because this is not it (besides I just posted one this afternoon) and yes I shall be outright pretentious and put the link >>>>>Hidden under Linen (Prose) for those who wish to read ..then the only way you would see that link is if you read this..

This morning I signed up for the Marriage Celebrant  Course, no need to cheer,  as I am pooping my pants about it, but I was put a little at ease when the Course organiser told me that an 82 year old man is also doing it and his Funeral Celebrants Course. So all can’t be lost now can it.

From about 11 this morning I have been bored out of what little brain I possess. There is a difference between being bored when you have an income coming in, to that when you don’t. It’s like being on holidays, you know you got paid your holiday pay which will see you through, so you can be as bored as you please, knowing that you will return to work and get a pay packet again.

This is enforced holiday without pay.

Signs of boredom (or how I spent my day)

I went up to the Hardware store to buy tiles for our bathroom.
I went to the Supermarket, pulling the little wheeled Supermarket basket behind me and everything tipped out, yet I didn’t get angry.
I brought some washing off the line.
I made the bed.
I looked up why my lemon tree has bulbous branches, only to find out it has been infected with Citrus Gall Wasp. For those of you who have bulbous branches see this>>>
I then went outside with trusty long pruning shears, short ones and a saw, balancing on a garden setting seat and proceeded to cut off as many branches that were bulbous. I don’t have much of my large 12 year old tree left. See below – this was a full tree tucked in one of the corners of my yard behind the washing line near the back shed. (exciting isn’t it) The other branches are the trees in the house behind ours btw.

Remember the song ‘Lemon Tree very pretty’ – well ours is not so much.


I put the television on and started watching the American wedding gown dress shops shows (try saying that 6 times fast) you know the ones I must have this dress..I don’t care how much it costs. I have to have this dress..even though my body fat is edging over the sides like a squeezed toothpaste tube. Yep those ones.
I walked around the house, nothing to specifically do, just walked, room to room.
I went to the mail box – twice (they only deliver once a day).

The only thing that wasn’t boring was reading other blogs and commenting.

Yes, dear readers I am going slightly Cuckoo here – speaking of which. Mum’s birthday is at the end of March, she will be 85. We were going to hold a surprise ‘family only’ lunch somewhere. I just received a phone call from Pop with a little angry tweety-bird in the background. Now we are having a full blown 40 people, with mum’s saved housekeeping money paying for it at the Restaurant that we have gone to… too many times to mention >>>  adding links is stopping my boredom.

This establishment had been around since 1958 and not much has changed. A quaint Bavarian style Smorgasbord lunch and a floor show (which tweety bird wants) where they ring the bells to tunes, they find out where their audience is from and sing a a one line song from that country, where they slap on the lederhosen and do a little dance now…

All the family (and friends) are just a wee bit over this place, but mum is convinced there aren’t any others and she wants music so she doesn’t have to carry on a conversation. I was told quite politely well don’t come if you don’t like it…

So there you have it MY DAY in a 670 word count, give or take oh and a rather bare pic of my lemon tree.

“Help me before I completely lose my marbles”

55 thoughts on “It’s Chat Time!!!

  1. I feel your pain! As you say it’s ok ‘hanging about’ if there’s a pay check to look forward to. I’m furiously thinking here of alternatives to boredom for you. But anything I can think of wouldn’t work if your mind’s preoccupied with thoughts. I know I can’t concentrate on little pleasures like reading, crosswords, music, knitting! (dressing up my daughter just suggested!)
    Maybe start writing poems/prose about marriage in readiness for the new course?
    My ideas are rubbish here. 😦
    Hope you hear soon from the course, Jen.x

    • Thank hun, it is driving me batty. You are right my mind is swirling, hopefully when the course arrives (on line) within 5 days, I will be less stir crazy. Then again still no income, unless another Service happens along. No, your ideas are not rubbish and writing poems is an excellent idea. 🙂
      I have started a book on how I became a Funeral Celebrant and that still sits waiting for me to add to, but I have taken your idea on board and perhaps I shall begin 🙂 Thank you honey for your suggestions and reading 🙂 x

  2. Lovely post from a woman who probably has lost her marbles but whom we shall continue to humour. You can’t argue with your mum Jenny, it is her birthday not matter bad her choice of entertainment and eating might be. That’s family for you..Hope tomorrow is better.

  3. well, even in your dark and extreme state of boredom, your writing shines through to all of us in many ways, lots of humor mixed in with this one and i so wish i could visit the cuckoo with you, just once. it sounds like a unique experience. happy for you taking the celebrant course, and i would say here’s hoping you have more funeral celebrant jobs, but that’s a bit awkward now, isn’t it? ) b

    • I tried hun, I think delirious would cover it. Oh most overseas visitors love the experience, but when you have visited enough… Well it’s enough, but if you come over again I’ll be sure to take you 🙂 thank you sweet, I know it is awkward isn’t it, but it’s the truth 🙂 x

  4. as a matter of fact, I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE reading your rambles. That makes me feel that you are a bit closer, a bit more personal (although you are at the end of the world, or I am at the end of the world, anyway we are soooo far apart).
    For a bored lady you seem to have accomplished quite a lot, may I suggest. Take care and enjoy the warm weather! xxx

    • Hello again, oh yes I have a few chatty moments when I can’t get to grips with writing poetry anymore..or in that minute. We are at opposites ends, but really only the distance from eyes to monitors 😉 thanks honey, yes our warm weather is almost at an end I should be enjoying it more, maybe 3 trips to the letterbox! xxx

  5. Ah Jen, pooping your pants is NOT the thing to do even in boredom. Or fear. It’s nice to see boredom once in a while. The fast paced days are sometimes just too much to live through and read about. Enjoy the boredom. I suspect it won’t last!!

    • I thrive on fast paced though lol that is what is so frustrating for me, if I don’t have stress and manic I don’t cope well. I have the stress tis true, but I can’t stand day the day of sitting around waiting to do a service. I hope you are right and that my days will change, sooner rather than later 🙂 x

  6. OH! dear Oh! dear Oh! dear, I do empathize. Though my parents are long gone and I do miss them I still have a mother in law of 93yrs in fact 94yrs in May! to contend with. She has all her marbles ( touch wood… runs rings round me) and ( touches wood again) is in very good health having had a serious cancer at 85yrs and beaten it by 87yrs! Bless her she has never really taken to me , we have arranged 80th and 90th birthdays in her honour doing the lions share of work but it is always my husband’s older brother who gets the credit … ( Oh! yes have taken her out or done something for all birthdays in between ! )
    ENOUGH !! sorry you said you were bored I must now have you comatose !!
    The wedding celebrant plans sound amazing you will be good at this , I can feel it in my bones I think you will do well. Will you ever consider Christenings/ Baptisms then you could Hatch, Match and Dispatch them!!
    Seriously from they way you write , you can usually get the feel of a person by how they write, you are a great communicator, you have humour and patience great talents all three .
    I can’t do anything about your boredom it sounds like you need to stretch you mind which you will do when the course arrives and then the services which will ensue.
    The Lemon tree well you have proved you are fearless when attacking a Gall wasp infection , not afraid to prune the dead ( or infected ) wood …. you could become a CEO of a huge company with those qualities.
    Chin up chic you are doing great. OH! BTW where is my invite ?? eh?? is this an over site?
    I can hear those bells….or is it the front door?
    Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I so love your responses! Thank you sweetheart. 94 years old, my goodness how wonderful. I know about other relatives taking the credit… I have one of those too. I have advertised that I can do name ceremonies, but only just starting it is difficult getting my name out there. I have to look at ways of getting my website prominent on google and the like, in the hope I get seen. You made me laugh about the lemon tree battering, I gave it my all, thorns and all I battled through! Lol. You have an open invite, don’t you worry about that, those bells won’t stop ringing, thanks chicky for the chin up. Hugs xxxxxxxx

  8. Pruning can be so therapeutic. I don’t think I blogged about the mad “Edward scissor hands” gardener we hired a few weeks back did I ? Or maybe I did. Anyway….I can relate to feeling bored.
    Why not do some volunteer work? Join a local group? Learn mosaic-ing or something. A gardening group? Take up belly dancing! (It’s fun Jen…I promise you!) Look in the local paper….there would be something I’m sure that might pique your interest.
    As yourself this….”When was the last time you did something for the FIRST time?” Hmm….?
    Find an organisation for the blind who need someone to read for them? I thought about that a while back….you can volunteer to record reading the local news for the blind. (you have such a nice speaking voice.)
    Go out and do some “people watching”…..(I’m sure your last piece must have been somewhat inspired by that?)
    Just don’t get in the trap of feeling as though you have nothing to look forward to because the days are all the same old same old….. (I should be taking my own advice!)

    • I think you did as I read..I think. I could get into painting again, or do a few things Trace but when the course arrives I have to concentrate on that. My main issue apart from lack of anything to do is the money situation. I am lucky that Mr.S is being so supportive, but I worry continually that I am draining his finances which then depresses me. The people watch was just in my head, but I could do that now and then for inspiration. Thank you for trying to suggest ways to alleviate my issues, I truly welcome your suggestions and saying i have a nice speaking voice, that was very sweet as is your comment. It’s not that I’m not trying to help myself, I have searched for temp work to fill in the days, but that is also difficult to find and also hours, IF I get called for a Service, just a circle right now and until I am known more, it’s the path I chose. Ok I have raved on enough. More therapeutic pruning to fill in 30 mins and then visit my penguins and try to convince mum not to have the 40 people! Thanks hun truly. Hugs x

      • Sorry Jen. That probably came across as though I was chucking a big advice bucket at cha. Didn’t mean it with that intention. It’s just that I know how flat it can make you feel when life isn’t as stimulating as you’d like…but I also know about lack of money. Catch 22. Onwards and upwards…I hope your mums birthday all works out 🙂

      • Trace do not apologise. It is fine honestly, I appreciated what you said, you are trying to help me and I did not take it any other way 🙂 Yes I’m flat, but not much I can do right now other than packing in the Celebrants work and going back an office job…if I could get one that is. Which I would hate to have to do.
        Mum – yes we managed to get it down to just family – though she was a tad cranky pants today so wasn’t a pleasant visit 😦 Hugs xxx

  9. Oh my, I don’t mean to laugh when you are in this state but the way you presented your day makes me do just that. On the bright side it sounds like you were very productive doing stuff👍.

    • It’s okay hun, you can laugh. I don’t want to bring my blah mood to everyone:-) another day, another couple of things of to do and try to get my feelings uplifted. I’m a bit of a chameleon what I write isn’t always how I’m feeling inside, but by trying to look on the ‘light’ side I can sometimes bring myself out of the moods. xxx

  10. I believe our ‘work’ defines us. It’s normal to feel bored because we no longer have a scheduled day to fill our time. A day when we feel contributors and useful in this world. Hope you find your niche, Jen. 😉

  11. Your day sounds like mine yesterday. The only difference is that i don’t have a mail box on the farm (have to drive into town to collect it) and I watched Judge Judy. I’m trying to get back into doing some work on the house today, but, mmmmm, do I really want to? 😉

    • Oh dear JJ, yes I have resorted to that too at times lol yes of course you want to, don’t you? Driving to town to get the mail..well at least you get out! 🙂 oh dear what a conundrum – thanks hun for reading xx

  12. hey where is all of your snow? we have lots here and no lemon trees…. sheish, what is going on?

    Mumsy I think the wedding celebrant job would be good for you, it is more upbeat, and this is something I have worried about a bit. So a good balance, the hellos and the good byes.

    big hugs

  13. ha. i am glad that you have not lost all your marbles…
    i dont handle boredom well…i usually get myself in trouble…
    the wedding celebrant course sounds promising…
    so get to writing…smiles….

    • writing you say- what again???? good grief man, ya killin’ me lol
      No I have a few marbles left, boredom does lead to trouble, my lemon tree is testimony to that!
      You are such a nice person – just sayin’

  14. Goodness, I’m so behind in reading posts, I somehow missed this one. I’ve watched so many of those American wedding dress shows that I might poop my pants! American TV is certainly funny, isn’t it? I often wonder what people from other countries think of us based on our television shows and movies. Australia has Hugh Jackman and that definitely makes me think pretty highly of your country/continent!!
    Congrats on signing up for your marriage celebrant course! I hope you’ll write about the things you’re learning, as it should be very interesting.
    By the way, your day sounded nearly as intriguing as some of mine do! 🙂

    • I think that’s fine, I miss posts too, or don’t have the time ‘at the time’ to read so *sigh*
      Yes we do have Hugh and Mel and have also lost a few excellent ones ..Heath for example.
      I have just received the Guidelines to read – only 132 pages of Legal jargon…good grief what am I doing! Interesting and daunting. At least I’ve only gone to the letterbox once today 😉 Thanks for reading hun x

      • I was fortunate enough to see Hugh on Broadway two years ago. It was a birthday present from my husband. He looks just as perfect in person as he does on the big screen. (definitely poem worthy)

        The 7 months of coursework and 132 pages of legal jargon make me wonder about the marriage success rate in Australia. Here, where you’re allowed to perform a legal marriage after a quick internet ordainment and a filing with your state, the divorce rate is at about 50%. It’s down from nearly 60%, according to my daughter who just took a marriage and family relations course in college this last semester. I’m betting your marriage rate is better. 🙂

      • Quick stats for you 🙂 In 2012, there were 49,917 divorces granted in Australia, an increase of 982 (2.0%) compared to 2011. Population as of now 23,399,616 keep adding one every one minutes and 41 seconds though 🙂 I think we do last a lot longer over here looking at those stats.
        Yes Hugh is quite the dream bucket and he would have been amazing on Broadway – lucky girl (jealous) 🙂 x

  15. With all that going on in your day, how do you have time to be bored? Well done on signing up for the marriage celebrant course. I look forward to future reports of your progress. And commiserations on lunch and lemons. (Is that two years now you’ll not be having lemons?) Maybe present mum with a more exciting prospect? How about the buffet at the casino on Southbank? It used to be good and you can do so great people-watching. 🙂

    • Oh 2 years…is it? I haven’t a clue 😦 Oh well bug free and almost branch free now! Waiting to receive the work book for the course, hopefully if I can knuckle down – boredom won’t occur, but need an income 😦 We are now having a family lunch and they want Chinese. Good idea about Southbank, but they don’t travel well, so getting them there and walking around would be a nightmare 😦

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