About DVerse – For Dverse ( a little ditty)

heart and souls poured into it

that is pure co -mmit -ment

encouragement  ~  support

be it long verse or short

the doors remain open

for our prose or poems

///the rules may have changed   ( ///especially for Brian & Claudia)

but who are we to complain

all they ask is we write

read others THEN com-ment

not too much to ask?

such a simple task

yes this is a rhyme

as I’ve run out of time

Cheers to DVerse

and the people who lead

those with a love of po-e-try

a community ~  that is for sure

and we couldn’t

wouldn’t ask for more

ta daaaaaaaa!

Just a little bit of fun for the team at DVerse, http://dversepoets.com  OLN, yes admittedly scribbled down within 2 minutes (Brilliant aren’t I?) 😉 Their doors remain open, we smile,  so to Brian and Claudia and the whole team – from this Aussie wanna be poet – I thank you insert – ( take a bow).  If you are into writing prose/poetry and haven’t checked them out – please do – they are a very supportive and encouraging group of friendly people.

41 thoughts on “About DVerse – For Dverse ( a little ditty)

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I wish I had MORE time to read and comment on other people’s work! There’s not much enjoyment in crafting something if nobody wants to appreciate it, but that is certainly a two-way street. You’ve poetically ranted on that very well 🙂

    • No truer words spoken Bryan ~ if we didn’t want what we wrote to be read or appreciated, don’t blog, don’t submit, write in your journal and be done with it. Oh dear that unintentionally rhymed lol Thank you for visiting and reading 🙂

  2. Yes, you are right, Rambly. Commenting back and forth (not only a one way street) makes us all feel connected. We all appreciate people like YOU who are very reciprocal. Hats off to YOU, Jen. Write on!

    • *nods* and unfortunately there will be a traffic build up in this one way street before too long ~ we are a community and the only way we will stay connected is by reciprocating. I curtsey and thank you for your kindness Mary. 🙂

    • Hi Anthony – Thank you for visiting and commenting 🙂 Yes I know and sadly too many don’t bother – write a piece put up wait for people to read and comment and not bother reciprocating. I am old school ~ smiles ~ nothing wrong with a few manners and you are welcome!

  3. Did you say ‘wanna be?’ erm, I beg to differ- no, that you’re most certainly not. I think you’re fabulously talented.
    I loved falling into this simple rhythm… oh and the break down of the word commitment.
    Such a cool way of getting your message across darling.

    • Blush bows and thanks you so very much, I am still learning..truly I am but the tunnel doesn’t seem as far to travel now. Yes trying to be nonchalant at getting the point across… 😉 xxx

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