Stealing (Prose)

iphone black smoke

darkness bites, it lurks unseen
devouring seconds, minutes, hours
as eyes first open till they close
it doesn’t rest
we are oblivious
what parts are stolen?
what moments removed?
days and nights, we thought we owned
we were whole once
but we vanish, morsel by morsel
untraceable, no warning
as a pickpocket slyly steals
darkness nibbles
dissolving us in stores, alleyways
as we speak or sing, work or play
make love ~ the very air we breathe
darkness continues biting
until we breathe no more

©jmtacken March 8 2014

24 thoughts on “Stealing (Prose)

    • Thank you Grace for reading,commenting and also the invitation. I have heard of this site. It is now 10:15pm Saturday night here, how long do the prompts go for? Very kind of you to ask – smiles

  1. the darkness is always there…often it is what we choose to see…or allow it to take…i have found beauty even in my shadow…death, a whole other shadow, is always there waiting…in the mean time, i will live…smiles….

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