The sounds of blindness (DVerse) x 2


aeroplane hum engines
offset against sweet songs of birds
as a door closes behind me
to the breath of wind

a pigeon coos
blinds tickle the window sill
as I close my eyes ~ absorb

a dog barks
a child laughs
wind picks up I hear the leaves
crunch against another

no silence in the world
yet what I hear has been
collected in memory
matching what I have seen

how is life for those who haven’t witnessed
unable to describe what they hear
I am grateful for seeing what I have
not relying on my other senses
of smell taste or touch

another bird joins in the chorus
door slides hard along the rails
and on a tv show
the sound of horses neighing

©jmtacken 14/3/2013

# 2  I wrote the below in March 10th 2013 – when I thought all poetry had to rhyme. I have altered it slightly from the original. I thought I would add this in.

I hold tulips peeling petals to unfold
hold on to my wedding ring and imagine what’s gold
lift my face to the clouds
that I’m told drift through the sky
sadly miss the expressions of those who walk by
touch the leaves that curl brittle on trees
listen to buzzing from the hive full of bees

fingers embrace spider webs lacy and glossy
hear as a mother shouts, angry and bossy
imagine the stars on warm summer nights
though never to witness them sit in the sky
jump in the crest of the waves at the beach
set my goals high for things I can reach

cannot see faces of those that smile wide
or the glow and the love on the face of a bride
can hug all the animals four legged or two
won’t see lovers face as they bid me adieu
painting butterfly wings coloured and frail
touch my words that are penned in braille

visualise the flight of a woodland hawk
or the joy I would feel to see my child walk
I can feel shiny, the dull, old and the new
wet my fingers on blades of first morning dew
I grasp hold of tree trunks that stand tall
in the forests, run my fingers across sculptures
and paintings of artists

I wish to see happiness in the faces of lovers
or stare into eyes of lonely street beggars
love I would feel sighting a newly born babe
I cannot have this ~ there is no escape
let me see those who share wealth with the poor
show me the sadness of those who yearn more
witness the sun on a hot summers day
look at the snow, slowly drifting away
I see things that the sighted perhaps
do not see
is it a gift or simply just me…

© jmtacken 14/3/2014

Sharing with   dversepoets  Brian has us writing with any of the other senses, but you cannot use sight. You have to tell the tale or build the poem using your taste, touch, smell, what you hear—but no imagery…nothing I can see.

49 thoughts on “The sounds of blindness (DVerse) x 2

  1. Both of them are lovely, Jen. Beautifully described. We don’t appreciate all our senses enough. These are a great reminder. Closing your eyes to listen to all that’s around and glimpsing the world in a whole new way. The sense of touch, as beautiful as it is, highlighting what some cannot see. Really lovely. Rhymed and unrhymed. 🙂 x

  2. Thank you sweety, the 2nd was very long and I find it hard to write like that now, so thank you for reading both. Yes we need our senses and hope they remain with us for a very long time. 🙂 xx

  3. hard to fathom how complex our minds are, cataloguing all those images and sounds so that when we can not see, but hear we still see it in our minds eye….to have sight and lose it would be so much different than to be blind always…i am intrigued by the lack of frame of refrence…think i prefer the first one in this

  4. Enjoyed both of these poems. However, if I had to choose a favorite it would be the second…with all of the rich details. And, as to the last lines of your second poem, I do think sometimes the blind ‘see’ things that the sighted do not.

  5. Both of these are a glorious description of the senses. I wanted to close my eyes as I read because that made the poem’s descriptions sharper and cleaner somehow. More vivid. What a surprise. 🙂

  6. You cut your imagination loose, and nailed the prompt, Mum. Sight & hearing produce most of the data we store; imagine the world of the deaf blind, the Helen Keller landscape. Read them both; more emotion in the second; like the close of the first one, the random sound emanating from a rogue left-on television.

  7. Enjoyed both – but much prefer the first, “how is life for those who haven’t witnessed…” Indeed! I remember when I thought all of my poetry must rhyme, as well. :] We sometimes forget to appreciate the God-given things…our seasons of senses as they change throughout our life.

    • Thank you DM, yes I couldn’t imagine and we are to be so grateful for having what we do. I know re the rhyming when I looked back to find it, I thought oh dear… but now and then I’ll fall into. Liked your last line on your comment too, appreciate you reading. 🙂

  8. Wonderful both of them.. they are rich in detail.. the first is more like a moment closing your eyes and listening to the little sounds.. like you are resting.. the second one contains deep pondering and details.. almost like thoughts one have before falling to sleep… very nice reading.

    • Thanks BR, yes the first I was doing just that 🙂 the 2nd I did similar but tried to think of as much as possible, perhaps I was falling off to sleep, I can’t remember now lol. Appreciate you reading & commenting.

  9. it is fascinating how much louder the world around us seems as soon as we close our eyes… our tv has a function that describes scenes for blind people… that always makes me more aware of how granted i take my eyesight…and makes me even more thankful

    • I have found this also, the hearing sense kicks in strongly and the quietest of noises can be heard. It is wonderful now how tvs can cater for the deaf and the sight impaired. Thank you for reading Claudia.

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