Chat time… I know it’s been far too long

Well, for some possibly, for others probably cringe moment. As usual when I get into poetry or challenge/prompt poetry mode, that is all I concentrate on, which for this old brain is an achievement in itself.


1. For those of you who know that I smoke, (well wine and cigs to go hand in hand don’t they?) I have been very good the last 2 weeks and cut down to 3 a day, normally I’m an anywhere from 5-20 a day kinda gal and believe me 3 a day is pardon the pun – killing me!  I did quit cold turkey years back for 7 years and started again, yup stop shaking your heads all of those who don’t smoke (mybad). This time I am using nicobate lozenges – which I am sucking on quite vehemently I may tell you.  Being my age 51, 52, 53 ..and the rest,  I am fully aware how bad this habit is, but it’s one tough cookie to break let me tell you and mindset plays an enormous part.  So I’m not making any promises to anyone, let alone myself that I shall stop altogether, but if I can keep at a very low level, then I am okay with that.

2. I have received the work book and on- line lessons for the Marriage Celebrant course, only 138 page booklet of which I’m up to page 28 and have been for a few days, as I haven’t got around to study (mybad again). Then if and when I do pass, it’s up to the Attorney General’s Office to say yay or nay you  can conduct Marriages (depending on how many Celebrants are in my area at the time). Funeral Services I have one next Tuesday, this will be my 11th, I so need more..sad to say.

3. Penguins – Both pretty much the same, mums medications has been increased and she has started her ‘glazing off into the distance’ look a bit more than usual. She still gets cranky very easily too, something I find hard to cope with. Pop is struggling with his walking and if he hasn’t got his walker, only his cane, we need to hold his arm or hand to keep him balanced. He has also grown a beard, the poor love can’t get into all the nooks and crannies as he once was able to, so I told him, just grow it and every week I go over and trim and shape it for him with the clippers, he does look cute though.

4. Weddings – no not mine 😦  lol  This morning we attended my eldest nephews wedding, they held it in the Registry office in the City and then photographs in the adjoining gardens. In approximately 2 hours we  (Mr. S and I) will pick up the penguins again and go to the Reception. Whilst in the park getting photos, it was time for the Penguins and our side of family to get photos. Mum was sitting on a bench next to Pop, Pop was helped up, mum got up but her skirt fell down. 😦 I don’t know why, it was zipped and it looked like it fit, but there she was the poor lovey, blouse and pantyhose with this crumbled skirt around her ankles. OK so I giggled, as did others as we madly pulled it back up again, with her saying what happened, what happened???  Thankfully, not many witnessed the event and for those who did, they would be having a quiet chuckle too I’m sure. Luckily mum didn’t seem to phased about it, which was a good thing. If it was me I would have cringed and ran behind the nearest tree.

So that’s my updates folks – Hope you all have a lovely weekend, normal services, will resume tomorrow..depending how much wine I consume tonight and what my brain is like of course.

Thank you and goodnight.




43 thoughts on “Chat time… I know it’s been far too long

  1. Thanks for the update! Good luck with the smoking. I know how hard it is – have done it myself. And I have to say that it still bothers me – I could really go back to it quite easily, I think (but won’t – it’s so hard to quit). And keep studying – you go, girl! 🙂

    • You are welcome oh lovely reader 🙂 I have friends who have quit for over 30 years and they still could start again. So easy to start… Ech to the study …but I shall keep trying! Thanks hun xx

  2. Saying nothing about the cigs. Just wish I’d never started.
    I can hear the guilty giggle for your mum from here. Wee sausage. At least she wasn’t bothered.
    Such a thought to be studying again but it’ll be so worth it. Less dependent then on one avenue. Bite sized chunks and it’s done. Says me that hasn’t studied in ages. 😉 x

    • Don’t we all! Yes thankfully she was ok..I keep looking at the screen saying just read…and it’s not happening, yes need another avenue, just have to force myself 😦 thanks for reading my chat 🙂 x

  3. smiles…is there a deadline in working through the marriage celebrant coarse or is it at your own pace? and good on your for quitting smoking…even if just a bit….hard thing to do…for sure…..

    • Hello B, they give you 7 months to complete it, the. You must pay to get an extension. If I put my mind to it and read the books, thankfully not having to know it off by heart, I start doing the assessments, smiles at this point it is quitting by cutting down. Had 4 yesterday because of being at the wedding reception, must admit felt a twinge of guilt. Thanks for reading my ‘chat’. 🙂

  4. It’s nice to hear what is going on in your world. I admire you trying to cut back on smoking…suck away on those lozenges. Your story about your mom’s skirt made me laugh. I’m glad she wasn’t fazed by the ordeal but sad at the same time. I hope you survive another day of less cigs and more prose. Hugs.❤️

    • Hi hun, I am lol bought another 2 packs yesterday, I’m fine if I’m keep busy, as soon as I’m not I long for them.. Baby steps and if I can I can. Most people would have had a giggle, but all she said was ” well I had black pantyhose on” 😉 thanks for reading my chat 🙂 xx

  5. It took years to finally quit smoking after 25 years of sucking back that nicotine. Wish I’d never started but I’ve been good for almost 20 years. I know it’s hard. I could never cut back to three a day. I applaud you for that. I’m one of those all or nothing kind of gal.
    You are a wonder. Hard at it again. Is there a deadline for your course to be completed? More power to you. 😀

    • Well done you, so proud of anyone who can actually stop and keep off them. I’m the same all or nothing, so I am trying to train my addictive brain to believe I don’t smoke during the day, or 1 in the afternoon and 2 later on. Thank you, but I don’t know about a wonder 😉 yes 7 months they allow, so I just need to buckle down, thanks for reading my chat hun 🙂 x

  6. i look forward to your ‘chats’ and this is mostly all good news. no judgements – baby steps on everything. good luck w your marriage course. maybe if i get married again you can fly in and do the ceremony. if i suddenly become rich too. as for the penguins, i’ve had many a clothing faux pas, though not a skirt falling off, as it would be a miracle with my j-lo’ hips ), but glad you are keeping a sense of humor about it all – hugs ) b

    • Thanks Beth, yes how amazing would that be, I’ll become a celebrant to the rich and famous 😉 yes baby steps all the way and mum was so good about it all. You made me smile with your j-lo hips comments, she is one sexy lady. Thank you for reading my chat 🙂 xx

  7. I love your chats so much, it is like having a face to face chat , the study will fall in to place as soon as you get the lid on the cigs! I am very proud of and as an ex smoker I can understand how hard you are trying . Keep at it and you will get there !!
    As to Mum and Pop bless them they are diamonds and however cranky Mum gets remember she does not really mean it! When it all gets you down go out and rant at the moon… with a glass of wine in your hand

  8. Hey!!!! I like positive updates from you, always makes me smile! And well done on cutting down the fags and getting things done for the future! Im happy for you! Have a lovely weekend xxx

    • Thank you lovely, glad you like reading them as others seem to. Cutting down not an easy task, hence no promises, but I’m giving it a go 🙂 hope you are having a lovely weekend” too 🙂 xxx

  9. Well done for cutting back to 3 a day – wish I could do that 😉 I’ve tried the lozenges but they give me a tummy ache (LOL) and the patches irritate my skin (excuses, excuses) xxx

    I love hearing about your Mum and Pop – it’s amazing how the tables turn and they end up being like our children instead of we theirs (no offense intended here – I’m in the same boat) 😉

    Have a wonderful week, Jen! 😀

    • Ta hun baby steps as I’ve said, see how I go. Training the brain and those little annoying receptors to believe I don’t smoke any till late afternoon. The new lozenges are better than the ones in the dark blue plastic, they are terrible! But I always try and have a drink or something to eat. No offence taken hun, they have reverted to a certain extent and need caring for as they did for us. How old are your parents? Thanks for reading my chat 🙂 xx

      • My sincere condolences Di, on your dad. Yes and they will become more interesting, it’s tough when they have battles to go through, she sounds strong though from what you have written about her, long may she continue to be 🙂 Hugs x

  10. I always enjoy your little chats. Good luck with stopping smoking. Enjoy your red wine–it’s good for you, but those cigs, not so much!
    You’re so very lucky to still have your parents. It sounds like you take lovely care of them and I’m sure they’re so appreciative.
    It seems as if you’re off to a great start with your marriage celebrant course. Keep up the wonderful work–I know you’ll be great at it!
    Have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂

    • Hello and thank you for reading my chat. 🙂 yes the on,y problem when you are a smoker is having wine…as smoking and alcohol go hand in hand unfortunately. Yes I am lucky I still have them and that they live close. I will get back into the study tomorrow, want to get this finished as soon as I can. 🙂 weekend almost over, hopefully you are enjoying yours. x

  11. Oh Jen….good luck on kicking the smoking habit! It is a horrible thing to try and beat so I wish you well. I hope you have had a lovely weekend despite your poor Mum’s skirt dropping. 😉

  12. Thanks honey …I’m trying and yes VERY horrible 🙂 yes the rest of the weekend has been good, thank you and a quiet day today. Hope yours has been lovely too 🙂 thanks for reading x

  13. Good luck for the studies.. and for the hard ordeal of cutting down on smoking. You are going to rock. 🙂
    I am sorry for what happened with your mother. I do not like to think of what old age brings for us… It is quite saddening.. isn’t it!?

    • Thank you anmol, the studies will be ongoing. As I’m sure yours are. 😦 cutting down smoking is equally as tough, yes as we age we don’t have a great deal to look forward too unfortunately and yes it is sad, saddening to watch more so in those you love.

  14. You are such an amazing person, so honest, funny and special! Good luck with the cigs . . . never easy with any little adopted habit . . . as I pour my glass of soothing wine. . .Heather

    • Heather you made me smile, thank you so very much, I don’t know about amazing and special, sometimes I think I can be funny, well I hope so anyway. No the cigs is a battle but I have been very good so far, just need to convince my head that I don’t need any at least till night time. Baby steps.
      Ahhhh wine or white ~ smiles

  15. Thank you for the update – I like your chats! Well done on the smoking. Good luck with the course – are there any nephews/ nieces left that you might be able to marry? You know what I mean, conduct the ceremony. 🙂

    • Thank you lovely – no that’s it apart from younger daughter, but I don’t anticipate that happening for some time. I need to study, I got side tracked again today cooking for Pop and Mum for their Anniversary dinner… oh dear 🙂 x

  16. Apologies this is so late. Hope you got to do some research at the wedding for what’s to come for you as a wedding celebrant. I can really see you doing that and putting your own unique touch on each ceremony. And all the best with the smoking, I have the same relationship with food as you do with the ciggies. Always tough unless your head is in the right space and even then we are but human.

    • It was in a registry office, they book them in every 30 minutes, so the reading was 15 at that, very quick, to the point, soooo not what I would do, they would have to drag me off! 😉 do not apologise for reading late, you silly woman, I am grateful you read at any time! Yes, I am still battling with the cigs. Most days 3 sometimes I slip to 4.. If I can maintain a level that isn’t round d the 15’s or 20’s I would be ok. Thanks hun for your lovely words. Xx

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