The Simple Art Of Words


take my hand
let’s delve inside the poets mind
travel highways, scale mountains
explore crevices of souls
perhaps you’ll be astounded
where the path may lead you
from another’s words

they will find the deepest hole
darkness, doubt ~ no escape
blood, death, fear, pain
thunderbolts of agony
once their’s
now yours

you’ll read of sunlight
unbroken by the clouds
romance, they write
stars Β ~ moons
oceans ~ love
tenderly to make you swoon
and sadness, tears will swell
you will feel their broken heart

this is what they do
the constant
describing feelings
as to put you in their head, their lives
to make youΒ experience
the intricacies of life

you’re the witness to their spirit
the timbres in their write
if you could live inside them
you would understand
they paint, no structure
game or plan
their words non negotiable
this is who they are

it is from their interior
the senses they display
the ethos ~ the power
where they plant the seed
to love or hate
or merely read

Β©jmtacken 27/3/2014

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40 thoughts on “The Simple Art Of Words

  1. There is an innate mystery about delving inside the mind of the poet. It must be a place of thoughts troubled, glorifying, laughing, discovering and creating. All these forces at play depending on time of day and how many drinks they have had. An intriguing read Jenny, you explore this fascinating aspect of so many of us so well.

  2. smiles…it might get a little scary once you step inside…
    everything so touchy feelly and watch the shadow corner
    i hear if you get too close something might grab you…smiles.

    if you really want to know one though, read their words
    they give them away…and themselves…daily

    • I’m heading to the shadow corner then! Smiles. So true Brian, we do give them away and of ourselves daily, to whoever is interested. I love what you write, though at times I’m a bit befuddled. Thank you for the nudge with this, just takes a word or two to set us on a completely different course. Smiles.

  3. Oooh, love that opening: “let’s delve inside the poets mind/ travel highways, scale mountains/explore crevices of souls.” In the best possile way I love it when youlet us explore your crevices πŸ˜‰

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