Emotions (with Audio)

it’s a corkscrew

strong hands grinding
around and around
penetrating deeper
as it breaks the particles
of sediment stained cork
that once was a heart
beating a regular rhythm
you can feel fragments splinter
one by one
as breathing mounts
not knowing where to go
you feel, under your ribs
an emptiness
days without food
it seems
a hunger
hard to describe
an ache
your intestines
in a tug o’ war
it’s the blade sharp
that’s plunged into the emptiness
it’s blood shot eyes
couldn’t sleep
it’s hangovers
too much to drink
it’s wallowing
without instruments
it pulls and tugs
in the pit of you
it’s how it is
void of rational understanding
the corkscrew

©jmtacken 4/4/2014

Sharing with Diverse – http://dversepoets.com/ Claudia has us  doing the following –

So the challenge today is to write a poem that conveys certain emotions WITHOUT ever naming the emotion!! Now it’s up to you to figure out what I write/talk about.

I have returned for a little while – resting from study and the ‘every-day’ as I could not leave this.  Possibly a bit over the top.

65 thoughts on “Emotions (with Audio)

  1. Possibly over the top, but I didn’t really give it time to digest, just blurted it out. Thank you for reading though. I’m doin’ ok, thank you for asking, just taking a bit more time off from WP, but as it’s now our weekend I can relax a little. Smile. First wedding? I have a way to go, assessments, then to get qualified and approved to become a Celebrant, hence not writing so prolifically.

  2. So mucn on you plate I can imagine emotions corkscrewing round your brain .you describe it perfectly. I am in awe of how well you cope juggling your work , your darling but difficult penguins . your studies not to mention your own private life. Keep it up keep smiling and tell that utensil to stop screwing you around. xxx

  3. Over the top? Not at all. I enjoyed listening to this. To hear the words as the writer hears them is always so different than when I read them in my own voice. It does feel a bit “ripping” of the guts.

  4. Nobody can read a work better than the author. That was beautifully done and every time I read your works, I will forever hear your voice. 🙂

  5. Yay! I’m so glad to see you! I love it when you read your work–it conveys the exact intended cadence and emotion that way. I hope you’re doing well and that things are simmering down a bit for you at home. Take care of yourself. 🙂

  6. Sometimes the corskcrew tightens, and sometimes the corkscrew allows the cork to pop and release. Lots of bottled up feelings in your poem! Hoping that the release will eventually be a good one. (Cool about becoming a celebrant, Jenny…..)

    • Thanks Mary, loving the funeral celebrancy, but need to have another notch in my belt. Hopefully I’ll finish the course sooner than later. Yes, many bottled up emotions 🙂 thank you for reading Mary.

  7. This isn’t over-the-top at all–but intense. I can feel the tension building. The corkscrew is a perfect metaphor. I have to come back to listen as the hubby is watching baseball in the room where I’m finally catching up. (My neighbor finally moved on to whatever is next about an hour ago!)

  8. This is my first time to hear you reading. What a beautiful voice you have. Richard’s right. You do sound like NK. Such an amazing accent. And applied to your words. Intense. I felt helplessness and a depression. The answers to life so often elusive, frustrations building for release. I have to say again how wonderful it is to hear your voice. I can now imagine you conducting services with such a calming and serene tone that touches those listening.
    I hope the poem is not too representative of how things are at the moment. I know you’ve got a lot on. Enjoy your weekend break. Use the corkscrew wisely. Hugs. 😉 x

    • Thank you lovely, that was so sweet, I don’t know about NK though, perhaps just the Aussie part. You are partially right, but I don’t think anyone has come up with what I was thinking as yet. No my situation isn’t this particular scenario, but I do have a lot on. Thank you it’s good to relax, next week will be full on again. I should open a nice red with one, but I haven’t got around to it as yet. Thanks Scotti 🙂 x

      • I’m not sure how someone gets into that business. Have you ever listened to an audio book? I have and your voice sounds great for it. Maybe you could ‘put it out there’ on your blog to read short pieces for writers (no more than about 250 words) when you’ve got some time. You never know where it may lead and it would give you some idea of how easy/difficult it is, or how much time it takes up, and if there is a demand for it, etc. It’s just a random thought (I have those sometimes). I’ve wanted to get my books in audio, but to me it sounds like something that would be far too pricey. Anyway – ignore me if I’m rambling xxx

      • You aren’t rambling, you are being informative, there’s a difference :-). I may investigate, funny how we don’t think much of our own voices, many at services have made the comment as you have though, so blow me down I just may have. I shall investigate, I shall, thank you lovely and if you want me to do one of your books give me a hoy-mates rates 😉 x

      • Thank you! 😀 It won’t hurt to check it out. I had a look on Google and saw some rates and also a website you can join (but it costs heaps so start your own) 😉 I’m a great believer in using what you’ve got to your greatest advantage and if you can make money reading books that’s even better. I’d try it but I hate the sound of my own voice 😀

      • Oh thanks hun, I shall do a post and see what comes of it, then check it out further. Well I can’t use the body or the looks any more so the voice is the way to go perhaps 😉 thanks chookas and I’m sure your voice is just fine! xxx

  9. Jenny your voice is gorgeous I mean truly I am envious and your poem is beautifully expressed, raw, tormented, stressed. Sending you positive vibes and hugs. Magnificent job

    • Shakes head, no, though it very well could be… It’s the simple art of breaking up, losing the one you love, or it is how I felt and reacted with the last one 🙂 thank you for trying and reading though Jack 🙂

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