Breath Under Water


Your words tumble over
protected under waterfalls
I will not drown
resisting the voice I hear
dismantled letters
spilling at my feet
I wash away my discontent

I shall not bend
torrents dissolve
mendacious words
my eyes were opened
the power of your blandishments
no longer required
I have learnt, I will not burn
the waterfall protects

Β©jmtacken 11/4/2014

Photo Credit:


24 thoughts on “Breath Under Water

  1. I take it you will not be influenced by others but rather know your own purpose and believe that is the way for you. I like the metaphor of the waterfall Jenny. Nicely done.

  2. weird…my comments keep getting eaten….hope you check the spam folder…ha…
    a couple new words on me in this…which is cool…
    i dunno depending on who it is i might not
    feel too bad drowning in love….i like how the last line looks back

  3. I was wondering where you had vanished too ha, I shall check my spam, hate when that happens. Good about the words, love when I see knew ones, it’s just trying to remember them 😦 nah you wouldn’t want this love, it was nasty in the end, good drowning would be nice. Thanks Bri ~ smiles

  4. Powerful… “I will not burn/the waterfall protects”- To move on is a better thing to do in relationships which are marked by manipulations and persuasions… Had to check the meaning for the two words… good wordplay and an important write.
    I wasn’t able to visit you since the last few days… all wordpress links would crash as soon as I open your site. It worked out alright today and I hope it stays that way. πŸ™‚

  5. I love this, Jen …the waterfall protects. Perfect photo – she looks peaceful and content. There is a Taoist saying, in the end it is the water that shapes the stone. I’m back after a construction emergency of monumental proportion. I look forward to catching up on your blog! ~Karen~

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