It is what it is

the chapters of her life
read like a book
the page will be turned
the sentences read
paragraphs unfurl
and life at times will halt
as the full stop that she stares
at, when the sentence ends
a comma, gives time to ponder
semi colon her world; her life
she’ll ask if she’ll get through

the cover opens, held in her hands
she begins, unknowing what
paths will be taken
indeed what will be learnt
the synopsis preamble of
what may lie ahead

and will the ending matter
this life is hers she owns
she learns, make errors
two steps back – one forward
she will tread, uncovering
her story will be told
regardless of the words
and perhaps some chapters in
is where she will see
this is the book that had to be

copyright JMTacken 20.4.2014

Forgive me those who read, I haven’t written for a few days, I’m quite exhausted at the moment. This probably doesn’t make much sense, but I wrote it, because it was in my head tonight.

57 thoughts on “It is what it is

  1. I think so much of life is about steps taken and steps retaken. In the end the aim is to be content with what has happened and to accept our lot. i like the ideas you are expressing Jenny well done.

  2. A great write, I am sorry that you are exausted and I hope you feel better soon.
    This poem of yours reminded me, it looked, actually, like some sort of a correlation, a neighbouring constelation or a response to one of Charles Simic’s poems.

    • Thank you O, I will get used to the tiredness, taking on another job and not used to the physical work..sign of age. I had not heard of Charles Simic and I looked him up, thank you so much for your compliment, I’m quite taken back. Hugs x

  3. That sounds like my life too, “two steps back – one forward!” Beautifully penned. Happy Easter!

  4. the book that had to be…i dont think i would change anything in my book…it all was required to get me to here….you know….even those backward steps…smiles…hope you are well jenny…good to see a write by you…

    • Thank you Brian, I have been too tired to think straight, let alone write poetry, but then I had to say this as this is my life right now, two steps back one forwards. I don’t think I would change my story either. I’m ok just need more sleep than I ever thought possible. Thanks mate.

  5. You may have been tired when you wrote this but it is strong and speaks wisely too. Like the words have truly been wrung from you. I’m sorry you’re having to work so many jobs and are feeling the strain. Very much the story of life at times. Hugs.x

    • Thank you AM, yes it is a strain and you have hit the nail on the head with the words being wrung from me. Yes, a necessity and I didn’t realise how tired I would become. Hugs back chicken and thank you for reading. x

  6. I agree with the above, Jen – my best writing comes when I feel as if I have nothing left…that is the moment I have come to learn that I have everything to give. And you gave it all…it’s stunning! And “will the ending matter,” YES, my dear – the journey makes it so!!!!! Be well. ~Karen~

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