Chat time and apology

I’m writing to apologise once again for not being able to keep up in the blog world. I think I can only manage properly at the weekends now, as every night I’m too exhausted.

I have taken on cleaning jobs (houses) within 2 weeks we have secured 8 permanent ‘cleans’. Some days 3, others two, but they are every day and I never thought I would become so tired.

I have to try and fit in my assessments for the marriage celebrant course and though I went like a bull at a gate in the beginning, now I dread the thought of study.

Today I conducted my 14 Service. It was a tough one as 4 of the great grand children got up to speak. They were all under 10. The littlest one tugged at my jacket and said ..can you read this for me, as his two elder brothers stood crying, waiting their turn to read. I then had to read one of my poems and had to excuse myself as my emotions took hold.

My daughter is for the moment going ok again, which eases the load on me and family and I hope she can remain so.

So my dear friends and readers, if I miss your posts or don’t read as many as I once did, these are the reasons why. I shall try my upmost to catch up on the weekends or nights when I’m not longing for my bed at 7.30 😦

My life has changed dramatically, but I had to take on the cleaning work as the Services aren’t enough to sustain my income… sad but true…and hard work never kills anyone now does it..

Thank you for your understanding, if I only hit the like button, believe that I have indeed read, for I think it terrible not too. It’s just that I haven’t the thinking capacity to leave an intelligent and thoughtful response.


71 thoughts on “Chat time and apology

  1. It’s okay Jen. I bet most everyone understands. I appreciate your willingness to work hard for your family. Rest when you can. And I am touched by your emotions for others and their loss.

    • Thank you Colleen. Just able to reply now before I go to sleep. Tis hard work, but has to be done. My emotions for others… it was difficult but having my hand held at the end of the Service and the family hugging me saying thank you… is what keeps me going, I love this work, the housecleaning… another story.

  2. no worries. ever. on our side. just fit us in when you can, we know you are reading. as for the cleaning, i would come and help if i could, i’m just a bit far, and i’m not very good at it either ) glad things are a bit calmer for now, though busy and i would have cried throughout that entire service you described. wow.

    • You made me smile with your cleaning comment. Thank you for understanding lovely. I knew you would. Yes we had a little meltdown again this morning, so one day good, the other not so much.. but we are getting there slowly. Yes, it was a tough Service, the wee ones were so upset and it’s the first Service where I’ve had children..but when they finished I started to clap asking the assembly to acknowledge the strength and courage that it must have taken them. Hugs gorgeous lady xx

  3. Absolutely no need to apologize, Jen. That’s life – the good, the bad and the ugly. Sending you positive meditations as you work through this challenging time. Take care of yourself. ❀

      • There’s a quote I try to remember when my footsteps seem to be going more backward than forward… “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”
        I don’t want to give you one more thing to do BUT I nominated you for the Shauny Award, Jen. Not only is your writing excellent, but you were one of the first to support me and helped to validate my works purpose. So thanks for being the generous person and most excellent writer, my friend.

      • You are such a lovely human being. By now you probably saw my reply and I am grateful that you nominated me honestly I am, thank you. I supported you because I believe you are a genuine person and I enjoy what you write and I love that quote ~ thank you my friend. x

    • Thank you darling, I just want people to understand, for I’m not the type to take my readers lightly and need to show them why I’m not visiting as often. I shall take care of me, sleep when I can, work hard and hope I find a happy medium. Hugs x

  4. Perfectly understand – I’m in the same position because of work right now, and then of course masochistic little me also decide to try to write a novel in the middle of it too – so I know exactly how you feel and how guilty one feels not keeping up. But know it is understood by all and take the time you need. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Why do we do this to ourselves? I was so bored a few weeks ago, now I long for a break and a bit of R & R but we do feel guilty if we can’t keep up, so I thought I would explain why. I am lucky that those who read me understand, I am grateful to have so many virtual friends. Good luck with your novel Helen and don’t you burn out either ~ smiles.

  5. I’m just glad you are still writing when you can. Other than that, take care of you. It sounds like you have a full schedule…and on your feet. Miss you though…we need to catch up at some point, lady.<3

    • Hello sweetness, yes I need to still write, but so tired at the end of the day now, my muse vanishes ( possibly off with the Vodka once again) it is a full schedule and more than I anticipated, but I went into it for a reason and it has to be done. My feet aren’t too bad considering, the body in general though.. another story 😦 I miss you too heaps and I shall try and email soon. Hugs xx

  6. I probably don’t have the capacity to leave an intelligent response when I’m rested and firing on all cylinders. And if this doesn’t come across as thoughtful either, know that you are in my thoughts. I miss reading you, but work and family come first. Look after yourself and if you need any help with those assessments then email – I’m very good at proof-reading. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi sweet, you made me smile. I have had to slow down so much, but I have no choice for now. I shall and thank you for your offer. I have to start studying again soon, but no proof reading really required, just many legal questions. 😦 x

  7. Jen, don’t worry about it. You read when you can. If you get behind like the rest of us you just have to skip them.

      • Jen, I have read things too quickly and then left comments that I wouldn’t have if I had taken more time to read rather than skim over it.

        Now, turn that frown upside down! πŸ™‚

  8. I know exactly what you mean I am way ehind too!1 Don’t do too much you are the glue in your family . Hugs and energy to you your family and the penguins!! xxxxxxxxxx

  9. My dear MM, I haven’t been around the blogging world either as I have both kids at home during Easter break. I of think of you all the time though. I am sorry you are going through a rough phase at the moment but all hard work is decent! I am sending you all my love xxx

  10. I was too tired yesterday after two hectic days and slept like a log of wood. A hammer was used to bang on the door to wake me up.
    Just something to make you smile… Take care! πŸ™‚

  11. Jenny, I think it’s okay to blog when we can and not have harsh expectations on ourselves when we can’t due to a whole lot of reasons. You sound like you are super busy and doing what you have to do at this time. Maybe your muse needed a rest too…take care, my warmest wishes. Heather

    • Super busy and very tired Heather, hopefully I shall return to my normal programming soon, but for now my muse and I can’t handle it. Thank you for your kind words though, appreciated. ~ smiles

  12. No pressure what-so-ever! As you have no doubt experienced with me, I face the reality of not having the time to get in here as much as I would like. You explain it so much better than I do. I profess to life stealing me away… lol

    House cleaning – hard physical work, and not something I envy at all. Well done for being so proactive and getting done what needs to be done to make everything work!

    My prayers are with you and your family, and I’ll be here (sort of kind of) when I have the time to drop by and say hi the times you can make it in to play!

    β™₯ ML

    • Thanks honey, I haven’t written for so long now, or it seems that way. Yes, until my Celebrancy gets into full swing, I took up the cleaning with my daughter. I didn’t realise how tiring it would be, so I only catch up at night and write when my muse is around 😦 call in when you can, no pressure this side either πŸ™‚ xx

  13. So sorry for this time that has been trying with you and your family. I wish I could make things better, for all who have to go through these trials and tribulations. Jen, hope things get better for you.
    I only can read a few blogs daily, I try to write, read comments from the day before and read a few posts, too. I am at the library, where at any moment, someone new may need to use the computer! I believe I apologize too much, so I will tell you what others tell me: You have your priorities straight! Family first! Just do the best you can with the other stuff!

    • Thanks Robin, I always appreciate the length you go to comment. Time does slip through our fingers and yes family and work commitments are priorities, it’s a tough road at times, especially with my ‘penguins’ as I call them, but we do what we must. Thank you lovely for your generosity of spirit. ❀ x

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