A two minute piece- all my muse will allow tonight

wrap me up, not in cotton wool
for hard knocks are needed in
my life

wrap me up, not in spiders lace
for it’s binding would
restrict me

wrap me up, not in a season
for I need the chill of winter and
warmth of sun

wrap me up, not in sleeps embrace
for moments would be missed
with eyes closed

wrap me up, not in somber colour
for the brightness I adorn will
lift my spirits

wrap me up, not in the unknown
for I need to learn and

wrap me up, not in armour
for I must feel, cry, laugh
and grieve

wrap me up in arms
that’s all I need
ones that close
and open

copyright JMTacken 1.5.2014

41 thoughts on “A two minute piece- all my muse will allow tonight

  1. So long as it wasn’t ‘wake me before you go go’. The repetition works well Jenny, there’s a clear sense of pleading and want in your words, comfort and rest. Well done.

  2. Unconsciously, I wrapped my arms around me when I read this. Outstanding, Jen. I especially like the last verse. πŸ˜€ That’s not to say I discount the rest. I like the lead up to the last verse, the actual ‘goal’.

  3. Lovely poetic expression of how we need to feel, embrace and know about the unknown parts of life to appreciate the good things, too! I liked the use of fabric and texture, too!

  4. Jen, i kept trying to choose my favorite stanza to cite, but each one is a
    poem unto itself. there is the wisdom of having lived, in this poem, nicely done
    and a nod of admiration to your very efficient 2 minute muse. Love and Hugs to you jen.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Two minutes? What, to read? No, it takes longer as you re-read and work through the layers. And if it took two minutes to write, then I just hate you. πŸ˜‰

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