unpacking a life

From Nestinspirations – if you don’t already follow Karen, please take a look. This tale of hers is wonderful.

karen draper ~ writer


“Energy flows where attention goes.”

For the better part of two years now, my husband and I have been consumed by building our house.  First, eager to find land, then happily researching various house styles, designing the house and coming to a mutual agreement on (almost) everything.  Next, phase two began – finding an architect, then onto interviewing local builders, and visiting numerous job sites in order to inspect the quality of each builder’s homes.  Initially it consumed us in the most beautiful way. It was fun, inspiring and lovely: like watching an artist’s rendering come to life before our eyes.  Then all of a sudden, as if it had risen from the ugly depths of the mud pit surrounding our house site – inconsistencies and uncertainties arose from every direction.  We’d no sooner plucked one out and five more would appear; like dandelions on untreated grass.  Before we knew…

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8 thoughts on “unpacking a life

  1. I have recently started following her, am in awe of her writing and others like you, too! Your words have great meaning and your poems are beautiful! Smiles, Robin

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