Red red wine goes to my head

Red wine has passed my lips
addicted to cherry red
and I have supped not sipped
like blood my mouth has bled
in the haze of wine
process of thoughts are hazy
the taste of grape sublime
mouth draws to rim so lazily
gods would smile the harvest grand
not picked by I, would be a thrill
to hold the purple in my hand
the yield of fruit so bountiful
from vine to barrel can’t be dismissed
the red, the wet, that I now kiss

Copyright JMTacken 2.5.2014

For DVerse. I apologise I can’t paste the link on this IPad for some reason, I shall fix tomorrow.

Tony has us working on Sonnets. I am pretty hopeless at this point trying to work this out. We have had visitors this evening..I have consumed some red wine. It’s 12am, this is the best I could do. πŸ™‚ Β Forgive me true writers of Sonnets.

51 thoughts on “Red red wine goes to my head

  1. ha. i used to partake when we lived in florida…some really nice wineries around us there….i def love my grapes though….have some growing the back yard…summer grapes so wont be long now…

  2. I’d never know your thoughts were hazy last night. Congratulations. What is evident is the delectable taste of red, red wine on your lips as your supped, not sipped. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. I’m not much of a red wine drinker (I prefer a nice sauvignon blanc or a pinot grigio), but I’m certainly glad you enjoyed your red! Lots of nice antioxidants! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I’ll start with the good news; most of your rhymes work well, (I’m a bit doubtful on hazy/lazily as a rhyme or near-rhyme) and you have fclearly followed the rhyme scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet.

    Now some less good news; traditional sonnets are written metrically. Purists would argue that each line must be in iambic pentameter; others, like me, are a bit more flexible about that (I’ve written a sonnet in tetrameter before now), but whatever meter you are following, you need to use it consisitently … which is nowhere near as easy as Shakespeare et al made it look. It takes lots of practise

    Now for some more good news; I enjoyed reading your poem and I’m pleased that my prompt was a small part of your writing and sharing it.

    And after that, may I recommend another glass … smiles

    • Hi Tony, thanks for reading and thanks for your critique. I possibly should not have attempted as it was late and the wine had gone to my head. I am still lost on the iambic pentameters ~ sad face! would you be able to perhaps guide me with the above writing of how it should be. I’m a visual person and once I see it, I hopefully will get the hang of it. If you don’t have time, understand and I will forge on. I was too keen on the hazy and lazily either, so glad you picked up on that. Smiles…but no more for me right now, little bit of a sore head this morning! Appreciate your comments.

  5. nice… a friend of mine is making wine himself – and one year we made cherry wine in our garden… it’s a bit of magic in the process…nicely captured

    • Thanks Claudia, though red wine does not a sonnet writer make, I’ve found out – smiles. Failed miserably I’m afraid. Yours does sound delicious and what a fun way to enjoy a nice wine. Appreciated.

  6. A big night Jenny….red wine can do that to you, give you more inspiration than you can handle. I thought you did a good job on the sonnet, though as Tony points out the purists among us would comment on the metre. Its a hard thing to get right, some people take years and several bottles a day to master it. Stick with it, it is fun in the end.

  7. I drink very very little but I will have a small amount of wine or Amaretto on occasion. I do have a few recipes that I use wine in, though. ❀

    • Like Amaretto also, think I perhaps should have slowed down as my head was a little fuzzy this morning 😦 wine in cooking equally as lovely. I am using my hearts now, thank you for showing me ❀

  8. I like red wine, remember that song, which you may be referring to… it got me smiling when I saw the title! My Mom and I share a juice glass full of Sangria or Lambrusco, every night I visit, which is mainly once a month. My brothers are much closer, just across the street. We have a Spanish toast we say, since she was once a Spanish and English (World Lit) teacher. It goes: “Salud, pesetas y amor. Y tiempo para gustarlos.” (To your health, money and love. And time to enjoy them!) I drink once in awhile on my own, but it makes me sleepy! Smiles, Robin

    • Yes the Neil Diamond song did spring into my head as I wrote the title. Smiles. A wonderful saying Robin, certainly beats ‘Prost, cheers, bottoms up’ πŸ™‚ so glad you get to share a glass with your mum and many a time I too am made sleepy ❀ x

  9. i thought the first passage was beautiful;
    Red wine has passed my lips
    addicted to cherry red
    and I have supped not sipped
    like blood my mouth has bled

    far from me to critique an honest attempt or a sonnet
    for that meter, so here’s a toast to your courage and
    passion for poetry Jen.! (i can’t drink wine anymore,
    my brains get too scrambled theses days..lol_)

    • I think your toast is simple and fun, so don’t worry, be happy! Sharing a toast or a drink to me, is just to be close and create smiles and laughter. Like on New Year’s Eve… Anyway, Neil Diamond is one of my favorite singers, his deep voice is so masculine and his words are very nice, too.. Nice to know there are others approaching my age, that if sitting and drinking, sleep will follow. Now, if I am at a concert or a ball game, having a drink like a beer, I am so busy looking and paying attention, that I don’t crash too soon then!

  10. Aren’t you so sweet, thank you for reading Jack. I smile every time I write that name. Thank you so much my dear friend..I have resigned myself to just try my hand, if at first you don’t succeed etc πŸ˜‰ my brain was scrambled btw meh πŸ˜‰ hugs from Aussie land.

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