To understand



I have yet to experience,  I wait
my expectations, my perception
imbedded deep, I rely upon the little
knowledge I possess, I ask
will it be the same

Morbidly I visit
my mind takes steps 
a road I shouldn’t travel
for though it’s not my journey, it is 

It comes and goes they say
driftwood along the sand
in time it shall move,  waves
reach out their foamy fingers
to find another home

I brush my thoughts away
across the canvass of my heart
I wish it to remain bare
untouched, as if colours are forbidden
for I know they will be black

©JMTacken 5.5.2014


Photo Credit –  Deviantart

23 thoughts on “To understand

  1. yikes…that end is rather foreboding….wanting to keep color away because you know it will be black…there is a helpless feeling in that knowing that it will come…

  2. It is hard to face a family member’s impending death, Jen. I hope that things will go smoothly and painlessly, if this is so. I have lost my Dad, who I think it worked out better, since he had cancer. But the darkness (doom and gloom) comes, when I miss him, thinking that it would have been nice to have shared a special moment with him here. I think about my Mom’s passing someday and it gives me some of the feelings you express in this poem, Jen. Indeed there will be a lot of black, but then for her, there will be a lot of Light! Smiles, Robin

    • Yes,she will have light as she will be with him again. My condolences on the loss of your dad Robin. I have yet to experience and I will. It’s a natural occurrence of the life circle but it still frightens me, but I believe in life after and I hope that when their time comes, I shall be able to talk to them as I did on earth. Hugs and thank you. ❤ x

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