Chat time and my 820th post

Yes..I know it’s been a wee while since last I rambled.
I am still extremely busy, conducted my 15th Service today..(happy bunny) and another one next Monday.

The cleaning business has us (daughter #2 and I) occupied for each day of the week, the busiest days of course are Thursday and Friday because EVERYONE wants there home sparkling for the weekend. It is the most exhausting work I have ever undertaken in my life, so yes, I still try and read and comment on your posts, but if I miss some..I can only apologise, but something unfortunately has to give!

I was thinking this afternoon (stranger things have happened) about ideal jobs and what in my life I have done and would have liked to have done or been.

My job roles started off in an office when I was 16, then another office and another and so forth. I worked for Pop when he had his own company.

I was then a Sales Rep for a few years, but the pressure of obtaining budgets got to me, so I packed that in. I also ran my own business for 5 years, from home where I imported electronic components for various ‘end-users’ in Australia and overseas.
Scouring the various trading houses overseas, finding the ‘bits’ that were needed, then having them shipped to my house, where I would unpack, check, count, repack and send off.

It was quite lucrative as I managed to buy a new car outright and take my girls and I overseas for 5 weeks. This is where daughter #1 met her now husband. Then I closed the company, as I got squeezed out by the ‘big guys’ and returned once more to office work.

Now I am a Funeral Celebrant and a house-cleaner and a blogger/writer/poetess and studying to be a Marriage Celebrant. Who would have thought? At my age. I certainly wouldn’t have.

When I was younger I, like a thousand other girls my age wanted to be an Air-Hostess …. sorry Flight Attendant, then a hairdresser.

Several occupations have crossed my mind over the years, but the one thing that I would have really loved to have been (apart from an extremely talented, published writer) was (drum role) an Archeologist. Odd? Perhaps, but I am so in love with history (hence my last post) the thought of digging up ancient relics, or exploring, or uncovering past worlds simply fascinates me.

Alas, this shall never be, as my bones are as old as the ones I’d be recovering, so crouching down all day isn’t going to happen 😦

(In case anyone is wondering about my Penguins, they are hanging in there. Pop is growing weaker, mum has to be treated with kid gloves most days for fear of snapping, but they are doing ok)

So do tell, if you wish to do so that is, did you dream of a profession/occupation that never eventuated?


55 thoughts on “Chat time and my 820th post

  1. Good post Jenny, we all had ambition when we were kids, I wanted to play Test cricket and drive a fire engine. Thankfully neither of them happened. otherwise I may not be here today as I’m sure you would miss me!!!

    • Thank you my friend. Hopefully not at the same time..awkward πŸ˜‰ somehow I can see you in the baggy greens or is that with? I know so much about cricket! Actually I can see you as Casey Jones more…miss you?? Hell yeah πŸ™‚

  2. I can see you being an archaeologist! I wanted to be that for a little bit when I was a kid, but I had just seen Indiana Jones, so truly I wanted to be Indiana Jones, not an archaeologist πŸ˜‰ I would have loved to have been a scientist, either marine biologist or biomedical. Yeah the germaphobe wanted to play with diseases, go figure! xo ❀

    • I saw me being that too, when MY bones weren’t so chalky 😦 Indiana Jones huh, or the others, wow now that is interesting. The germaphobe made me laugh, well it was nice to dream wasn’t it. Btw-how is the new job going? ❀ xox

  3. I admire you for doing so many things! And that you found something that expresses you and you seem great at (funeral celebrant). Yay to the marriage celebrant as well!
    I would have loved to become a chef. I am still hoping that I can do something relating to that when baby no 3 reaches kindergarten age (keep your fingers crossed).
    I am thinking about you very often, I want you to know that! Lots and lots of love xxx

    • Hello sweety. A chef how wonderful, long hours though 😦 baby number 3 will keep you busy for sometime yet I think πŸ™‚ fingers crossed though! Thank you hun, I do part of it out of necessity .. keeps me out of mischief! I think of you too, sorry I haven’t visited for a while ❀ xx

  4. Archaeologist… How cool! I had thoughts about it when I was smitten by the knowledge of civilizations of the past. Well, I have thought about many such career choices and I still do not know where the wind will take me. It entirely depends on which college/uni I now choose to go to and even more so, it depends on which ones would take me. πŸ˜€
    Take care. πŸ™‚

  5. I used to dream of two professions, one as a bookshop owner and another as a stationery supplier :). Love both those things books and stationery and I used to imagine trying out all the merchandise. Not sure where I would be now if I had invested in a bookshop. Instead I have grown up to be something completely different.

  6. I love your chat posts! I took an archeology class in college as an elective. I did this mostly because the professor was only a few years older that me, and extremely attractive! We did a dig on our campus that yielded some pottery shards and a few arrow heads. I found out after the first couple of classes that he was married and that I didn’t like getting dirty! (a prissy girl I was!)
    Now I don’t mind getting dirty at all! I’ve worked as a lifeguard, a masseuse (at a reputable spa), a manager-at the same spa, a waitress, a teacher for 16 years, and in friend’s public relations firm while one of her writers was on medical and maternity leave for a tough pregnancy. I loved the PR job, it didn’t even feel like work! I don’t actually have all of the credentials needed in the job market in my area (DC- very stiff competition), but I do have that experience which would count as an internship, several writing classes, and a portfolio that I created while working there. Maybe once we move to NC in a few years I can find something.

    • Woah I thought I had a few career changes lol you my dear have done a lifetime full already! You made me laugh about your professor πŸ™‚ and being a prissy girl! I wish you luck with your future adventures sweet and thank you for loving my chat posts and answering the ? πŸ™‚ x

      • Yes, the professor was so beautiful–He looked like a Swedish god–tall with flowing blond locks- Now he’s bald and his overly-tanned fair skin hasn’t aged well. 😦
        Luckily, my career changes were early in my life before I had children. After them I taught school, did PR and have stayed home, too. Now that I’m losing this weight and getting stronger, (and now that my daughter is healthy) I’m getting that itch to go back to work.

      • You sound such a ball of energy and losing the weight has helped to make that so, I guess. You are a strong person, that is very clear and do whatever you set your mind to do. Keep up your wonderful work. I smiled at the aged sun tan skin. πŸ™‚ x

  7. Oh, as a matter of fact I get confused sometimes. Whether I should be a professor or a programmer or an engineer or a manager? πŸ˜•
    But I’m sticking with Professor or Engineer. Let’s see. πŸ™‚

  8. oh i would totally love being an archaeologist…i fell in love with the whole indiana jones persona growing up…of course it would require fighting big Nazis to be an archaeologist so i deferred…smiles.

  9. You have been a busy woman! My father-in-law had hip replacement surgery on Monday, so I’ve been back and forth with that…on top of work. Youngest graduates from college Saturday so family is coming this weekend. I’ve been quite absent lately too. I dreamed of adventures and fun and challenging careers when I was young. Then I became an adult and realized the adventures came with a price tag and challenging careers are draining. Ha!

    • I know about the draining 😦 yes I’ve been a busy beaver out of need mostly. Sorry to hear about FIL Hope he mends quickly, look after you too lady! Oh to be young without having to pay the price for adventure! Thanks for answering hon xx<3

  10. all good to hear, except the cleaning must be exhausting, and the penguins have to be hard on you as well, as you watch them age before your eyes. you are truly a renaissance woman, good at many things. for my old dream jobs, i wanted to be a stewardess when i was young too, then perhaps a travel and adventure writer, which i’ve kind of become just for fun. no reason you couldn’t do archeology as a hobby, volunteer at a local history museum or something, when you have more open time perhaps? life is short

    • Yes the cleaning is exhausting. I’ve never been told I’m a renaissance woman before πŸ™‚ I’ll take that as a compliment. Yes, life is busy and a tad draining right now, but I’ll get through. Travel & adventure writer would be cool and yes you do that now … especially with the kindy kids. πŸ™‚ if I had spare hours in the day hun, I’d love too….. but I run out of time. Thank you for answering darling ❀ xx

  11. You are amazing. I used to clean for a living. Money can be made. But it is not easy work.

    I love the idea of archeology. I also wanted to be a writer, nun, veteran (forgetting one must be a member of armed services before this role can be filled). πŸ™‚

    • It is VERY hard work, many don’t realise how tough it is 😦 you wanted to be a nun? Why didn’t you take up the call? This is coming from a non religious person mind you. Had a chuckle at the Veteran comment. I wouldn’t say amazing, just doing what I have to do, but I thank you for the lovely compliment. ❀ x

  12. I can see you as an archaeologist, Jen, but you’re right all that kneeling in damp earth wouldn’t be so good on the body. Whatever you say, the ‘who knew’ part is exciting. I must be boring because I always knew what I wanted and did it. I’ve suffered no angst and been plain lucky in my life, well…except for my marriage. ❀ ~(*_*)~~

  13. I had dreams of being a nurse, doctor, stewardess, theater hand and detective. I had family members who were teachers and I liked the idea of helping children to become who they dreamed about. So, I was an elementary, middle school, and little ones’ teacher. I also was a child advocate at a battered women’s shelter, an activities director, and I stayed home as a single mom for almost 9 years and babysat, so that I could help my children feel like I was a “milk and cookies mom.” Those years were my favorites!

  14. Oh, I meant to say, Jen, I am very impressed with the way you are giving of yourself so completely, in the care of the penguins and your family. I am excited about your future parishioners (ones who will marry, along with the role of funeral celebrant, too. Your diverse occupations sound very wearing! Hugs to you, from me! Robin

    • You have led an interesting career path Robin, how on earth did you manage being a stay at home mum when single? I admire anyone, who is able to do that to provide their children stability. I am also sure you a milk and cookies mum πŸ™‚ thank you, they did for us, I do for them. The celebrant role – funeral I love. The marriages, when and if I finish the course and become qualified , I hope then I have the time and energy to perform the ceremonies. Thanks sweety ❀

  15. Quite fancied journalism at one time and had to decide when I saw a rookie job advertised whether to go for it or go to college for teaching. I couldn’t envision myself getting in people’s faces and pushing for answers so scratched that one. I think I was just in love with words and that was one route. Never dawned on me then that I could have gone for a writing course or something along those lines. Frustrated writer forever. πŸ™‚ x

    • Possibly frustrated but an excellent one. I think you found your calling in teaching, it would take a lot of brashness to push microphones in faces in order for the ‘scoop’. You did good hun and thank you for sharing your job dreams πŸ™‚ xx

  16. Archeologist? Well, I’d never have thought. And thanks for the round-up of all your other jobs. Strange how people often only see us as one thing, one job. I know what you mean about the cleaning – if people did more of their own they wouldn’t need gym membership. Congrats on service no 15. Hope they keep coming, well, you know what I mean.

    • Yes I know, I think a few readers were surprised and many had the same notion too. Yesterday..the jobs from hell I am losing weight though, a little bonus there.
      Have my 17 the this morning, 6 of the family are speaking, I will have to speed my reading to get through. Thanks sweet x

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