It sleeps


Paintings once crossed the walls
that hung on knotted cords
Water danced from marble fountains
to the tunes of pipes and lyres
Laughter resounded from within
great halls where culinary delights
where spread upon wooden tables
Roasted beasts upon the plate
cumin, coriander and lovage to spice
lentils in brine as the cena began

Mosaic floors, their artistry
glistened rich with ochre, sienna
verde, vermillion, pictures of the Gods
Hammered vases glistened
set on crafted pedestals
Women draped themselves upon the bodies
of men, seductresses sipping wine
from their vessels of gold
Grapes rich grown, outside stone walls
covered in their greenery

While serfs and slaves
toiled the land for masters
across fields rough landscapes
Variegated foliage brilliant hues
the city and the opulence
now lost, sleeps beneath the streets

copyright JMTacken 7.5.2014

Not quite sure what this is, watching a documentary the other night about the Roman ruins beneath the streets of Britain and I wished to express myself. So it is what it is πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “It sleeps

  1. We have a massive amount of history over here and those ruins in the picture are a stones throw from where I used to live. I love how you have captured the past and thought about what those ruins would have seen, who would have spent their lives inside them. I often think about things like that as it is not unusual to find stones and odd bits of paving from times gone past, particularly at our historic houses. Thanks for bringing these ruins to life again. Fascinating. And a great part of our heritage. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Jade how amazing, that is why I love the UK so much. I have such an affinity for the history. I think I should have lived there to be honest. Last time I went, the mere act of walking into a pub that had been built in the 1400’s gave me goose bumps and of course visiting the cemetery’s and reading the old tombstones. I just love it..and mum being born there.. Well something is in my blood πŸ™‚ thank you so much for your lovely comment. ❀

  2. i def got the feel of the roman culture…i was just missing a frame of context for today…but hey that is okay…its very descriptive and fits what i know…would be cool to visit the ruins….smiles…

    • Now you confuse me with frame of context? Smiles. Roman cities and relics are being found all over Britain, I based it on a doco I saw. Thanks Bri…and nods would be amazing to visit πŸ™‚

  3. This was a very interesting and descriptive piece of artwork, Jen! This was so beautiful and Roman gods, too. Thank you for your words shared with us, in the form of a poem.

  4. Gorgeously depicted, Jen. You really brought the place to life. I love old buildings too and love getting a nosy round them, finding doors upon doors and nooks and crannies. A delight to read.x

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